What Is Headphones Burn-In?

Headphone Burn

Headphone burn-in is the process of conditioning new headphones to enhance their audio quality over time. New headphones, especially high-end models, often require thousands of hours of use before they reach their full potential. Burn-in is essential to ensure the headphones deliver the most accurate and balanced sound possible. During the burn-in period, the diaphragm, … Read more

A Complete List of the Pros and Cons of Bone Conduction Headphones

bone conduction headphones pros and cons

Headphones are one of the most used gadgets on the planet. Everybody wants the best experience when listening to music, receiving a call, playing games, working out, and more. A good pair of headphones can beautifully enhance sound. There are different types of headphones available on the market with varying designs. Bone conduction headphones are … Read more

How and When Headphones Were Invented

How and When Headphones Were Invented

We all now know that headphones are small speakers that can be worn in or around one’s ears. Most headphones have two ears cups that is attached to a band which is placed over one’s head. There are different types of headphones, the smaller headphones, often called earphones are usually placed inside the outer part … Read more

Are Headphones Legal while Driving?

Are Headphones Legal while Driving?

Headphones are legal to use, but are they legal while driving? As we all know, each state or region has its own laws which is different from others. In some states (and in some provinces in Canada), there are no restrictions while in some states there are few legal restrictions on the wearing of headphones … Read more

Are Headphones making us anti-social?

Are headphones making us anti-social?

Without no doubts, I accept that I am guilty of aural self-isolation. Just like the other day, I missed an entire important conversation between my colleagues. I was completely unaware, not because I was so engaged with my computer but, that I was engaged in a book being transmitted through two white earpieces. Technological inventions, … Read more

What you should know about Headphone Drivers

Choosing the headphones is not just thinking about the design and looks. I thought like that before, when I was young, and I wanted to look cool. However, in most cases, I chose the lousy headphones with great looks and vice versa. To get both combinations, you will have to spare a small fortune. Before … Read more

Is sharing Headphones hygienic?

Is sharing headphones hygienic

Many people share their possessions on a daily basis. We are unaware of the hygiene risks when we share certain objects such as sharing straws, cutlery, suckers, and even our headphones. I must be honest, I have always been cautious when it comes to sharing my possessions due to the fact that you are not … Read more

The $1 Million Question: Who Buys Headphones

Who Buys Headphones

We can all agree that music is the best medium that will help us increase the productivity. The same thing goes for me. I started listening music back when I was a child, and since then it was a quality hookup. However, the first time I noticed that everything went peculiar is the first time … Read more

Why do you need a Headphone amp?

Headphone Amp

It is highly likely that your perception of an amplifier is based on its ability to boost the sound system’s volume to blasting levels. And you may believe that having an amplifier is always great. However, it is not that simple. Here is everything that you need to know about headphone amplifiers to help you make a … Read more

Can Headphones train you to focus better?

Focusing is a skill that not many people are able to control. There are so many different mental disorders that shows us that our brains have a mind of their own and when they are not willing to focus for long periods of time, they will not. Researchers have been trying for a very long … Read more