The $1 Million Question: Who Buys Headphones

We can all agree that music is the best medium that will help us increase the productivity. The same thing goes for me.

I started listening music back when I was a child, and since then it was a quality hookup. However, the first time I noticed that everything went peculiar is the first time I started to listen to music with headphones.

It strokes my mind while I went through the streets, alone and with everyone around.

However, how does the music sound best?

The one solution is to buy amazing speakers that will give you enjoyment in your house. But what about outside?

That is when headphones come in handy. It is not only about sound quality, which is much better on headphones than on speakers, but on the possibility to listen to your favorite music without mobility restrictions.

Why Does Music Sound Better With Headphones?

This is not just in my head; sound comes differently through headphones than through the speakers. There are numerous reasons for that.

The first reason is that by using headphones, speakers as way closer to your eardrums than speakers use. At the same time, the design of headphones reduces the outside sound while it gave me a direct sound wave into the ear canal. That creates an entirely different experience when it comes to listening to the music.

I never noticed the fact that brain reacts differently when I listen to the headphones. Then I found out that mind understand way more, and on a scientific level, the brain catches sound from left to right. Therefore, the left ear will hear the first microseconds before the right one.

As I listen to the headphones, the sound comes from fixated space. That is why we achieve 3D surrounding effect while looking headphones.

Which Headphones Are Best For Your Preferences

As we all know, each contains the personal taste that differs from other individuals. Therefore, the task of headphone manufacturers is daunting, because they have to provide the excitement for everyone, and everyone is different.

The first thing that I understood by researching different headphones brands and developers is that there are numerous models and types of headphones: from cheapest ones to high-end ones that cost a small fortune.

Wired Headphones

If you have a limited budget, and you want to purchase headphones that will give you some insight and give you peace of mind during the walking outside, you should consider wired headphones.

There are numerous models available, and some of them have lousy while other has great sound. The similarity between each wired headphones is that they have lousy build quality. This is great for people who enjoy music on the basic level, without thorough enthusiasm.

In most cases, you will be able to find headphones under $50. They last between a year and two, which is the main reason for its affordable price tag.

Best Wired Headphones

The best solution in this price range is AKG, which is one of the best budget-friendly headphones that will provide you decent sound and plastic construction.

Wireless Headphones

If you are not too meticulous when it comes to sound quality, and you want to purchase headphones that will provide you decent performance for the affordable price tag, you should choose this particular type.

Apart from listening to the music, you can also take phone calls and enjoy walking around without frustrating wires. Have in mind that if you purchase affordable solution, you will not get high-quality sound, but the convenience of using them without cables that can wear off.

Best Wireless Headphones

If you want to choose the cheap wireless headphones, the best solution is House of Marley. It has excellent features in combination with wireless nature and budget-friendly price tag.

Bluetooth Headphones

Even though wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones are almost the same, the first category is for a cheaper version, while this one is for headphones with excellent sound quality. By choosing them, you will get what you pay for.

If you are a music lover that enjoys headphones for music listening without the hassle of wires and cables, I recommend you to consider this particular type of headphones. Apart from the possibility to enjoy in music, you can also make a clear call. It doesn’t matter if you are on train, plane or in the car, the price range will offer you a reliable way to enjoy favorite music.

Best Bluetooth Headphones

The best solution when it comes to Bluetooth headphones is Zolo Anker that you can find for approximately $100. They are completely worth it, and finally, you will be able to rest assured and enjoy your favorite music.

Workout headphones

The best headphones for working out is perfect for people who rather enjoy listening music during the workout and exercise. They don’t treat music as the main feature of the headphones, but the construction such as water and sweat resistance and the possibility to stay stable on ears.

If you are a runner or a biker that wants to run throughout the site or handle any other workout, you have to purchase best headphones for running, and you will have a peace of mind.

Best Workout Headphones

When it comes to headphones that can handle sweat and water the best solution is Bose SoundSport. You should consider it because of a combination of price tag, comfort, and resistance.


I will conclude by saying that nowadays, everyone needs a pair of headphones. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for exercising, for listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, or just for calls, it is convenient and essential part of our culture.

On the other hand, the factor that matters is the reason why you should purchase headphones. By finding an idea, you will narrow your search, and make a quality purchase. It is simple as that.

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