Imagine going out on your bike without entertainment. It wouldn’t really be much of a bike ride without your headphones to listen to podcasts or music. It’s important to keep in mind that not every pair is going to give you the same experience. Some headphones will deliver better, crisper sounds that get you into the groove, and others will just fall flat.

There are headphones that fit great under your helmet, and some that don’t. Others may seem fine when you’re not cycling, but when you do, make too much wind noise. You shouldn’t have too much trouble though when you narrow down your search to quality cycling headphones. You can go even further than that and make the most ideal choices by going through our comprehensive guide of the best headphones for biking of 2022.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Headphones for Biking Review

1. Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

This black wireless sports headset is worn around the neck and comes with over-ear earbuds that are sweatproof. It has a built-in microphone, HiFi stereo, and 12 hours of total playtime.

Product Highlights

The Bluetooth 4.1 makes use of a high-tech Bluetooth chipset that provides low latency and gives you fast transmission. The range for the wireless can reach 33ft. Cyclists can also enjoy skip-free music and phone call. This unit is compatible with a wide range of tablets and phones.

You’re especially gonna love that this is sweatproof and lightweight. Cyclists love to feel like they aren’t being weighed down as they traverse a long stretch of highway or bike trail. Sweaty and heavy headphones can interfere with this feeling. Well, this pair of headphones shouldn’t give you that problem. They’re designed for optimal comfort when running, walking, jogging, or biking. Cyclists don’t have to worry about wires tangling or the ear pads falling off.

One of the best parts about owning a pair of these cycling headphones is the sound. HiFi stereo delivers high-quality crystal clear sounds that will improve your cycling experience even more. You can enjoy the sounds of your own playlists, listen to audiobooks, and just get away from the noise of the real world.

If you’re gonna be exercising or training in the outdoors, these headphones are going to serve you well with its long battery life. You can continue enjoying music for up to 13.5 hours before you need to charge the unit again-more than enough time for your bike ride.

The Good

If you’re the type of person who frequents the outdoors on their bikes, then you’re going to love this one. You can groove to the beats and tunes of your favorite playlist without feeling like you’re being weighed down in any way.

Say goodbye to those ordinary headphones that usually give cyclists a headache with their tangling wires and heavy ear pads that slip off your head. This one securely latches itself onto your neck in such a comfortable way that you won’t even know its there.

The Bad

These headphones are so lightweight you barely feel them on your bike ride. What you will feel, or in this case, hear, however, are the other things going on around you. The Levin Bluetooth 4.1 is not noise-canceling and so you’ll definitely be listening to more than just the music from your playlist when you use it.

Turning these headphones to full volume doesn’t solve the problem either, because then you wouldn’t be able to make out the words of the song or audiobook you’re listening to.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stable connection
  • Long battery life


  • Highest volume is not high enough
  • Doesn't cancel noise
  • Microphone doesn't pick up voice clearly

2. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

This pair of active noise-canceling headphones is wireless, Bluetooth-enabled and comes with a microphone, comfortable protein earpads that carry a rich, deep bass sound that’s heaven to listen to. Top that off with 30 hours of total playtime and we’re close to declaring this the winner. But not just yet. Let’s see what else it has to offer.

Product Highlights

The COWIN E7 comes in a range of colors that include black, blue, green, purple, red, and white to suit your stylistic choice. It’s leading-edge noise-canceling technology significantly reduces the outside noise when traveling, cycling, or working. Whether you’re on a plane or in a busy street, you can keep to your own thoughts, free from the noise of the outside world. Did we mention that noise-canceling works well in both wired and wireless modes?

You get crisp, powerful bass sounds that take your listening experience to the next level. The COWIN is known for its constant pursuit of providing customer’s top-notch sound quality, and that’s definitely apparent in this model. Plus, with the built-in microphone, you can take calls without having to stop pedaling.

The protein earpads and 90-degree swiveling cups offer more durability and comfort. This combination allows you to enjoy music to the highest degree while remaining in ultimate comfort for long hours. How long, exactly? Well, let’s just say that even if you go cycling for the entire day, the battery will still hold up.

The Good

If you’re down for long hours of cycling and music, then you should definitely get yourself one of these. These headphones would be perfect for those who love beautiful bass sounds without the interference of the outside world.

The fact that you have the wireless Bluetooth option makes this even better because it allows you to train and exercise without worrying about tangling wires. Run, bike, and jog for long hours without worrying about losing your groove with the COWIN E7.

The Bad

So, I’ll be the first to tell you that the noise-canceling feature is great-it’s just not the best. If you’re looking to completely cut off noise from the surroundings, then this may not be the ideal choice.


  • Incredible bass
  • Noise-canceling
  • Built-in microphone
  • Wireless
  • Amazing battery life


  • Not the best noise-canceling feature, but decent enough

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

So number 3 on our list cancels out noise, comes with Alexa voice control, and is Bose AR-enabled. What more can you ask for? The Bose QC 35 II is a truly one-of-a-kind pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Product Highlights

The Bose QC 35 II doesn’t just give one mode of noise cancelation, but a total of three modes depending on how much you want to detach yourself from reality. The fact that it has Alexa pre-configured means it’s not just for listening to music, it’s also for getting information, among many other things.

The dual-microphone system also rejects noise for crystal clear voice and sound pick-up. This is the most balanced headphone any cyclist can ever own, consistently giving great quality sound at any volume. It’s a complete package of hassle-free pairing, individualized settings, easy access to future updates, and so much more using the Bose Connect application.

The Good

If you’re a cyclist that has a busy schedule, you’ll find the Bose QC35 a heaven-sent. Have you ever gone biking, running, or jogging and suddenly felt like you shouldn’t have because there’s still a ton you need to prepare for? Well, you’re not the only one; but this shouldn’t stop you from proceeding with training or exercise.

You can prepare and talk to people at the same time, without the hassle, by taking advantage of this amazing pair of headphones. And during the time between these important conversations? You can listen to great-quality music or audiobooks.

The Bad

You’d think there wasn’t a bad thing to say about this one-well, that would be incorrect. Despite its high performance on almost all levels, Bluetooth does have the tendency to act up. When it does, the Bluetooth auto disconnects, which can get annoying and does interfere with your overall listening experience.


  • Superb noise-canceling technology
  • Ultimate comfor
  • Great sound quality at any volume
  • Sound-rejecting microphone


  • Bluetooth has a tendency to auto disconnect

4. Sony Noise Cancelling Cycling Headphone

This pair of noise-canceling headphones from Sony is an absolute beauty in black or silver. Like another one of the products on our list, it also has built-in Alexa voice control, a wireless Bluetooth option, and a quality microphone.

Product Highlights

This impressive Sony creation gives you the ultimate listening experience with its digital noise-canceling feature that you can’t find in most headphones. It gives an individualized, virtual soundproof experience that’ll take your cycling sessions to the next level. Consistent, high-quality music can change everything, and that’s exactly what you get with this model.

You have the Alexa voice assistant that can be activated with a touch and give you easy access to music, information, and so much more. If someone calls your attention while you’re wearing this, simply cover the right ear cup to turn down the volume and make conversation. It also auto-adjusts the noise-canceling feature to suit your activity so that you consistently get the best sound experience.

With easy touch controls, ergonomic features, and a long battery life that lasts up to 30 hours, the Sony noise-canceling headphones are a must-have. It’s also foldable for effortless listening and travel comfort.

The Good

Aside from this pair of headphones’ awesome features that make it so great, it also comes with a carry case, audio cable, and charging cable in case you want to go for the wired connection option. You simply fold your headphones, then place it inside the carry case for super easy storing and traveling.

The Bad

 According to Sony, this has the best noise-canceling feature. I’m going to say, not quite. It doesn’t offer anything new in terms of noise-canceling, to be honest. It’s great like all the previous models were, but it’s not exceptional, nor does it bring anything to the table we haven’t already seen or heard before when it comes to this aspect. The fact is, you’re still able to hear some of the things that are going on in your surroundings when using this pair.


  • Built-in Alexa voice control
  • Noise-canceling
  • Quick-attention mode
  • Touch controls


  • Noise-canceling is not 4 times better as Sony claims

5. iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

Here’s a really great, affordable, high-quality piece that’s going to make you happy with the range of colors that it comes in-twelve, all in all! This premium pair of headphones is wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, foldable, and has a built-in mic. With a price under 30 $ those headphones are affordable for every one.

Product Highlights

This pair of quality rechargeable headphones has an extended frequency range and deep and accurate bass response that really ups the ante on your listening experience. The five-button control means operating this model is easy enough. There’s the play, pause, answer, and hang up button, the equalizer button, the previous-track-volume-down button, and next-track-volume-up button that are all easy to access and control.

Ear cups are also fitted over your ears really well so audio is properly isolated and your listening experience gets taken up a notch. Designed for easy travel and noise cancelation, the iJoy Premium Rechargeable Wireless is a great choice given its price range.

You have a few more things to be happy about with this pair, that’s for sure. It has a pre-configured radio receiver, mic, and plug-in for a micro SD card.

The Good

It has good quality sound given its price range, decent bass, and a five-button control that makes it easy to operate. It also cancels out noise pretty well and is really easy to travel with-all you have to do is fold and place it in your bag.

The Bad

Take extra care not to overcharge this pair of headphones since it has the tendency to catch fire when you do. Noise-canceling is good, but if you’re expecting it block all outside sounds, then you’re going to be disappointed. You may want to choose the more expensive Bose or Sony ANC headphones for that.


  • Great quality sound
  • Five-button control
  • Wireless
  • Foldable


  • Not the most reliable charging
  • Doesn't completely cancel out noise

Buyer’s Guide

 Your quest to buy the best headphones for biking should be easy enough when you know what to look for. What are your unique needs? Do you need a pair that cancels out noise? Are you looking for wireless Bluetooth headphones?

What additional features do you need from your headphones? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when trying to search the market for the ideal pair. This section aims to help you understand the top features of headphones for cyclists.

1. Safety

A cyclist’s top priority should always be safety. This should be consistent in the decisions you make while biking along a stretch of highway or in nature, as well as in choosing your biking accessories. When selecting headphones, choose the one that’s not going to pose problems for you on the road. You don’t want to deal with dangling wires or slippery earpads that could easily slide off and block your vision, and other less-than-appealing features, or lack thereof, that can make your cycling experience a terrible one and even put you at risk to accidents.

2. Stability

How long and how well can your pair of headphones serve you while training or exercising outdoors? If you plan on biking for several hours, would the headphones’ batteries be able to hold up? Does it provide great quality sound across all volumes? These questions address the consistency and, therefore, the stability of the headphones you’re planning to buy. Considering this important factor means fewer troubles for you down the road.

3. Durability

Cycling headphones have to be of very high-quality to withstand the perils of the outdoors-the sun, the wind, the sweat, and all the other elements. Headphones for biking have to be durable, meaning they need to have a relatively long battery life, be made of quality materials, and implement top-notch technology. Here’s another important factor to look for when searching the market for the ideal cycling headphones.

4. Wired vs Wireless

You’ll find that most modern headphones offer both wired and wireless options. Wireless brings another level of convenience for cyclists as they no longer have to deal with wires tangling or hindering their movements. Of course, you’ll still want the wired option to be there in case you’re just gonna be listening to your favorite playlist or audiobook at home.

5. Battery and Bluetooth

Long battery life and top-notch Bluetooth technology combined means an extremely convenient charging experience. Cyclists have to pay extra attention to Bluetooth and battery life as it influences the quality of their journey. You don’t want a model that has poor Bluetooth technology, with a tendency to disconnect, or a battery that easily empties. That’s not going to make for a great listening or cycling experience, at all.


1. Can you ride a bike with headphones?

Riding and wearing headphones has always been a contentious subject in the cycling community. Some members think that this can distract the senses that warn us of impending road disasters. Others, on the other hand, would argue that listening to music on headphones provide motivation and a means to escape the noise of the surroundings.

The controversy is mostly centered on one thing-rider safety. People talk about banning headphones because of the dangers it can pose for the rider and those around them. While this may have been true for the older earphones, the newer, more technologically advanced models have found a way to comprehensively address this gap in safety. And while these current versions do not one hundred percent guarantee safety, they do significantly increase a cycler’s chance to ride safer and more responsibly.

Here are some qualities you should look for in headphones to help ensure a safe riding experience: high battery power, sweat and water-resistant technology, a design that focuses on safety and comfort, and varying levels of noise-canceling control.

2. Are bone conduction headphones safe?

You’ve probably heard about the term “bone conduction” in areas such as audiology and otolaryngology. However, this is a relatively new concept in electronics. Unlike air conduction earphones, these ones don’t completely block noise from the immediate surroundings. They don’t block your ear canal, which is why you stay connected to what’s going on around you and be able to listen to music at the same time. It is because of this that bone conduction headphones are considered safer than their air conduction counterparts. To find out more about bone conduction headphones checkout our article bone conduction headphones pros and cons.

3. Can you ride a bike and listen to music at the same time?

The answer to this is generally a resounding yes. However, if you have prior issues with hearing, you may want to consult your doctor before making a decision. It’s important to get the all-clear from your physician before getting on your bike and driving down the highway.

If you aren’t set back by impaired hearing, you should still consider the safest possible way to listen to music while riding your bike. The latest headphones address this issue in so many ways. They’re smartly designed, implement the latest technology, and are sweat- and water-resistant to prevent from slipping off your face and blocking your vision when wet.

4. Is it legal to cycle with headphones?

Regardless of whether or not you think it’s safe to cycle with headphones, plenty of areas have declared it legal to use headphones over both ears when riding. Of course, you can’t avoid for some regions to have their own stipulations, such as allowing their drivers, including bike riders, to cycle with headphones covering only one ear. Some are even less forgiving, completely prohibiting the use of headphones when driving on the road.


While all of our candidates for best cycling headphones of 2022 were impressive, there were clear standouts that you simply couldn’t deny. These two pairs of headphones took us to a completely different level in terms of safety, noise-canceling technology, design, comfort, and other features that heightened the whole cycling and listening experience. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones engaged in a tight battle that was barely won by the latter. Sony’s creation simply had fewer weaknesses and therefore gave the everyday cyclist more peace of mind. Now, that’s a priceless feature that we all look for in our accessories.

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