Best Wireless Headphones for Audiobooks of 2023: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

It seems not too long ago when the term “wireless” was only meant for rich people. Now, everyone has access to products that don’t have to be attached to anything-even when charging. Some of the more recent additions to this class of items are headphones. The latest headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and noise-cancelling while still giving us the wired option just in case we want to go traditional.

Speaking of traditional, it doesn’t more customary than reading books. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, man, or woman, you are gonna want to leaf through the pages of some of your favourite novels every once in a while. Life is a non-stop learning experience that continues way after school ends, and while we may not always have time for reading, we do have time for listening. Hence, the birth of audiobooks as an effective way to acquire and digest information.

Check out our roundup of the best wireless headphones for audiobooks of 2022! We look forward to taking your listening experience to the next level.

Best Wireless Headphones for Audiobooks Reviews

1. Apple Airpods

To say we are a sucker for anything Apple manufactures is an understatement. We line up like crazy people a day before a product’s release just so we could be the first ones to have it. It wasn’t any different for the Apple Airpods and there’s a reason for that. This exquisite pair of earphones is another symbol of notoriety that we just have to have. It comes in-you guessed it!-a gorgeous white colour and comes with a charging case in the same shade.

Product Highlights

Like all Apple products, this one was designed smartly and impeccably. It automatically turns on and connects to a paired device without you having to do much. Plus, you can set it up easily for all your Apple devices.

If you want to access your Airpods, you can simply call out “Siri” and have her access the device for you. Operating this product is a breeze; tap it two times to play or skip to the next track. You can also take advantage of the latest addition to this pair of earphones, which is the H1 headphone chip that takes your wireless connection to any device up a notch.

This is the very definition of fast charging. Once you place this device inside its case, it won’t take long before you can use it again. It’s that convenient! The lighting connector can be used to charge the case.

And now for the best part: the audio and voice quality! The Apple Airpods deliver at a very high level in both these aspects. You get a rich, high-quality sound that just makes you want to listen for hours on end. It doesn’t limit you from listening or talking because it can be charged multiple times using the case.

The Good

Notoriety definitely comes when you have an Apple product. It’s no different with the Airpods as owning a pair definitely boosts your status. Of course, this is more than just owning something manufactured by Apple, it’s also about wanting the best-quality for yourself. The rich and high-quality sounds the device delivers, along with its superior technology, are some of the best reasons for buying it.

The charging case is one of the best parts, too. You get to listen and talk for however long you want because your Airpods can be charged multiple times using its case. Charging time is considerably faster compared with similar products.

The Bad

This product’s mic fails horribly. If you have a job that requires you to dictate using a high-quality mic, then this might not be the pair for you.


  • Superior quality sound
  • Fast-charging case
  • Exceptional design


  • Low-quality mic

2. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are Bluetooth-enabled, waterproof, and give off a deep bass sound that just amps up your listening experience. You’ll definitely be impressed with this pair of in-ear, TWS stereo headphones with a built-in mic that gives off the highest-quality sound. It comes in black, blue, gray, white, and khaki. Take your pick!

Product Highlights

It doesn’t get more advanced than the Bluetooth technology implemented in this model. It supports HSP, AVRCP, A2DP, and HFP and delivers fast and stable transmissions without any hassle. With its in-call stereo sound and non-tangling quality, you get a really convenient unit that boosts your audiobook listening experience.

There’s something about the bass that comes out of these earbuds that gets you in the mood for a good story or lengthy lesson. It is authentic, powerful, and unlike any other sound a pair of headphones in its category can produce.

Pick up the two headsets found in the charging box and they’ll connect to each other instantly. The pairing is just as easy as you’ll only need to access your mobile phone’s Bluetooth setting. Also, in case we forgot to mention, both the charging case and the earbuds have a nano-coating that keep them waterproof up to a depth of 1m for 30 whole minutes.

While designed for sports activities, you’ll definitely find this one a great audiobook partner. Plus, who’s to say you won’t be exercising while listening to your audiobook? Now, in that scenario, you’ve definitely found the headphones for you.

At full charge, these earbuds have a total playtime of 3.5hours. You then get an extra 9 hours thanks to the charging case. This one gives you convenient and versatile charging methods on account of its wireless charging feature.

The Good

Should you exercise or listen to your audiobook? There’s no need to choose thanks to the TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0. Designed specifically for sweat-inducing activities, you’ll find that this model gives you an exceptional listening experience even when really vigorous activity is taking place.

The Bad

These devices are awesome, particularly for the price they come in. The bass is definitely a good thing, but for those who prefer “flat” sounds when listening to their audiobooks, you may want to pick something else.


  • High-quality sound
  • Great for listening and working out
  • Waterproof at 1m for 30 mins


  • Low-quality mic

3. Apple AirPods Pro

We knew this was going to be on our list. I mean, how could it not when we practically praised the original Apple Airpods? These noise-cancelling beasts are what every audiobook listener dreams of having as it allows for total immersion into a story or lesson.

Product Highlights

Get ready as the Apple Airpods Pro completely immerses you into whatever action-packed, romantic, or thrilling material you’re listening to. The noise-cancelling feature also helps you study better, effectively isolating you from the sounds of the outside world. So many times, when we read, we want to be cocooned in our own little bubble-this is exactly what the Airpods Pro does.

Of course, if you find it necessary to connect with the world outside, then you can rely on this model’s transparency feature. To make sure that you have the right fit, three silicone tips are available for customizing. There isn’t a need to worry about water or sweat because this pair of earphones is resistant to both of those.

Let’s not even get started with the EQ technology this device has as it instantly creates a playlist that mirrors your entire year. Then you have the easy setup for every Apple device, which is always good and convenient. Just call out “Siri” to have instant access. Once you’ve charged this model in its case, it automatically has 24 hours of total playtime. Now, how great is that?

The Good

This pair of earphones just impresses on all levels. Typical Apple, if I do say so myself. It’s great for whatever you plan to listen to, whether it’s music, audiobooks, or podcasts. There are just no limits to the listening possibilities this item can provide you.

The Bad

Yes, we do have some not-so-good things to say about this one. For one, if your product’s not by Apple, then you’re only wasting your time because there’s absolutely no way it’s going to be compatible with this one. Plus, the charging wire only works if you own an iPhone 11 or newer. Oh boy!


  • Top-notch noise cancellation technology
  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Customizable fit
  • Adaptive EQ


  • Only for Apple products
  • Charging wire only works for iPhone 11

4. Powerbeats Pro

A completely wireless set that consistently delivers on performance, the Powerbeats Pro is definitely one to have. It comes in black, moss, ivory, and navy to meet your stylistic needs and preferences.

Product Highlights

You can listen to your audiobooks for as long as nine hours with this as your partner. With the charging box, playtime gets taken up to an entire day. So you see how great this is for burning the midnight oil? Instead of reading lengthy material, you can listen to it while doing something else, like cleaning your room, working out, and other healthy and productive activities. Your time doesn’t have to be limited to studying, because there’s so much you can do with it.

The ear hooks are adjustable and offer a secure fit. They’re stable and comfortable, which is something many audiobook listeners look for in their earbuds. Their design also makes them resistant to sweat and water in case you plan on working out. Get ready for easy track and volume controls found just behind this model’s earbuds, including auto-play pause and voice capability.

It gives off a powerful, balanced, and dynamic sound, with noise isolation being the cherry on top. You can connect the earbuds independently using class 1 Bluetooth for more range and fewer dropouts.

Charge this for five minutes and, in exchange, get one and a half hours of playtime. The entire package comes with a charging case, completely wireless earphones, ear tips that come in four-size options, a quick start guide, and a charging cable.

The Good

One of the best things about the Powerbeats Pro that sets it apart from the rest is its five-minute to 1.5-hours charging conversion, which is super ideal for those who need to quickly listen to a lesson before a test but forgot to charge their earbuds. You can even go for a quick run while digesting some important material. The sweat and water resistance feature is something that fitness enthusiasts and hard workers could use in their headphones.

The Bad

Now, this one doesn’t have the best range. It also doesn’t have superior sound quality, which is surprisingly unusual given the price range it belongs in. The white, hissing noise that often comes out of it can also get annoying. If you can bear with all these, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get a pair. It’s still quite good, overall.


  • Enhanced phone call performance
  • Secure-fit earbuds
  • Resistant to sweat and water
  • Balanced sound


  • Sound quality is not the best compared with other products in the same price range
  • At times, it can register white “hissing” noise

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Called “the true wireless earbuds”, this Bluetooth-enabled listening device comes in black or silver and has a wireless charging case.

Product Highlights

This model’s battery power is up there as evidenced by six hours of playtime, plus an additional seven hours with the charging case. The case basically doubles as a wireless charger. It gives off a good amount of bass and is sound tuned by AKG. You also have a wider volume range thanks to its volume driver.

The Ambient Aware feature is what makes this particular pair of headphones distinct. It allows you to control the level of surrounding noise, cutting off the sounds of traffic, barking dogs, and other outside noises if you so desire.

This pair is sure to give you great quality sounds and feels. You also have the Galaxy bud ear tips that come in three adjustable sizes to help you get the right fit every single time. And then you have the splash and water-resistant technology that handles spills and sweats with no trouble at all. Feel free to pair this with android or iOS devices through Bluetooth connection.

The Good

What’s so great about this model is that it gives consistently high-quality sounds and is compatible with a wide range of devices from iOS to android. It doesn’t matter where you download your audiobook, you’re going to be able to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds as your listening device.

The Bad

The Ambient Aware is great, but I find that it’s not as strong as the rest of these earbuds’ features. I feel like they could have done more to upgrade this part as it seems to be a bit weak,

particularly compared to the older models that have a wider listening radius for their Ambient Sound. Other than that, it’s still an awesome product.


  • Premium quality sound
  • Good battery life
  • Good volume range
  • Water and splash resistant technology


  • Ambient Aware is not as strong as previous models

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re fond of listening to audiobooks, then it can be quite tricky to pick headphones that will meet your specific needs and preferences. To make sure that you choose the right product, you’ve got to analyze a potential pair’s particular features.

1. Sound

Now, you probably agree that this is a no-brainer. You’re after these products because of their sound quality, which directly affects your listening experience. All the models on our list display premium sound quality, with variations in the bass.

At the end of the day, you still hear the words crystal clear, but at this point, it’s all about “how” you want to hear them, as well as your other reasons for buying the headphones, like listening to music while working out. Outside noise, stereo, connectivity, and bass may all have a bearing on the sound quality so make sure to check them out as well.

2. Comfort

You’re going to be listening to audiobooks for hours on end and that means looking for headphones that are just the right fit to bring you comfort. This can mean looking at the design and technology of the product, as well. You also want both these areas to be structured around comfort.

3. Design

Naturally, you also want your headphones to look great. You want it to be the right shape, color, and design that suits your needs and preferences. Those looking to buy brand new earbuds for audiobooks would be inclined to choose a design that focuses on comfort and sound quality. Some might also want noise cancellation to be the main feature as well.

4. Wired vs Wireless Charging

Most of today’s products offer wireless charging because it’s extremely convenient. For years, tangling wires and cords have been a common occurrence for gadget owners so a pair of headphones that offer wireless charging is a nice change. You may want to think about that before you purchase a new set.

5. Price

Ask yourself if the features, and all the benefits you get from a particular set of headphones, are worth the price. If they are, then it really doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, you get what you paid for. Just make sure to do your research and consider your needs most of all.


1. What headphones work with Kindle?

When choosing headphones for your Kindle, you’ll want to opt for models that are Bluetooth-enabled and offer long battery life to ensure that you finish the entire audiobook. Since audible audiobooks can be played using the various Kindle models, you’ll want to choose headphones that best complement your e-readers.

It is important to note that Kindles aren’t built with a headphone jack, and for this reason you must, all of the time, choose headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth. These types of earphones are wireless so you won’t have to worry about cords getting tangled while listening to an audiobook. You can focus on whatever you’re listening to with fewer disturbances. Plus, you can move around the room while your Kindle stays in one place.

A high-quality pair of headphones that has long battery life and can be linked to your e-reader via Bluetooth is what you should focus on. With these factors in mind, it should be a lot easier for you to find the perfect headphones to improve your Kindle experience.

2. What’s the difference between wireless and Bluetooth headphones?

Everybody’s all abuzz about wireless headphones these days, and for good reason. Never has listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts been so crisp and convenient, and it’s all thanks to earphones that offer quality sound and can be linked to your devices without cords or cables.

In the world of telecommunications, Bluetooth and wireless are often interchangeable. But it is important for you, as a buyer, to understand that they are, in fact, different. A device that is Bluetooth-enabled may be considered wireless, but that doesn’t mean all wireless gadgets make use of Bluetooth technology.

It’s important to keep in mind that radio and infrared technology also fall under the wireless category. The former working just like radio and allowing you to connect with a device from hundreds of feet while the latter, on the other hand, makes use of infrared waves and only

allows your headphones to operate from only a short distance, specifically when there is a clear line of sight.

3. Do wireless headphones easily fall out of your ears?

While this may have been the case a few years ago with the older models, most of the newer ones are smartly designed and have slowly filled the gaps when it comes to safety, comfort, and convenience.

As the term wireless suggests, there’ll be no wires for any body part to tangle in and cause the removal of the headphones from their position. You also have water- and sweat-resistant headphones that don’t slip off your face no matter how wet it gets. Plus, current models are designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ears.


This has been a tight race between the Apple Airpods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds for best wireless headphones for audiobooks, both making a strong showing in every department. With these models, you get the ultimate in sound, comfort, and design. Plus, you also get what you paid for. They’re not just for listening to audiobooks, they’re literally for taking in all kinds of audio material. These products are both so good that they conveniently adjust to your listening needs.

No products found.

At the end of the day, however, we’re going to have to give this to the Galaxy Buds. The Airpods Pro may hold the edge in almost every department, but it’s the Galaxy that’s compatible with both iOS and android devices-and that’s the ultimate game-changer.

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