How to Pick the Best Vintage Style Headphones

If you are a music enthusiast, you may also be picky with your streaming equipment and tools. Before you buy something as seemingly regular as a pair of headphones, you will do your research – watch YouTube videos, and read articles, like you are doing now. Whether you are looking for headphones for music production or gaming tournaments, this guide will teach you the basics of choosing the best vintage style headphones. And we will recommend our favorites to give your ears a pleasant treat and your finances a relief. Table could not be displayed.

How to Pick a Good Pair of Headphones

Your mixing headphones can make or break your music production experience. Or, if you are just really into music and enjoy shutting yourself away with quality sounds blasting through your ears, you are not alone. Even gamers appreciate the importance of good audio.  It would not be shocking if you fall into all three categories. Choosing the best vintage style headphones will be even more integral. The following tips can help you make the right choice.

Determine What You Will Primarily Use it For

This will play a massive role in narrowing down your options from the diverse pairs of headphones on the market. If you prefer to block out the world, you would like a pair with active noise cancellation features. And if you enjoy jogging or working out, you need in-ear headphones because they are portable and will sit snugly in your ears. But if you will spend a long time wearing your headphones, as a music enthusiast, gamer, or producer, you need a comfortable and efficient pair. The next point will make it easier to determine what headphones suit your lifestyle best.

Choose Your Preferred Headphone Variation

Picking the best headphone variation will determine how you look forward to grabbing your pair before or after a long day. If they sit comfortably on your ears, like over-ear headphones, you will want to use them every time. The best brands build theirs with super soft materials–each cup envelopes your ears and leaves enough space between them and the speakers. Ultimately, music producers prefer them because they can be worn for a long time and give off the best music quality. Additionally, over-ear headphones do not apply too much pressure on your temple, and your jaw is the only other part of your face that may feel the effects of wearing these listening devices. And when you choose between the open-back and closed-back headphones, you get to determine if some of your favorite music filters into the air for others to hear, like the former, or if you want it all to yourself, like the latter. Closed-back headphones will not leak your music out, even though the sound reverberates. On the other hand, the open back will not resonate, but it does not keep the music in. On-ear headphones have a firmer grip on your ears and temples. You can call them muff style headphones, but the thing about them is they are more viable to sound leakage. And they may get too tight after a while. However, the chances that they will make your ears sweat are slimmer. The final variation is the in-ear headphone, which is just what you think. You plug this directly into your ears and may be able to face your tasks without getting entangled with the wires. The sound quality, though, will barely stand alongside the other pairs of headphones.

Determine the Resolution

The typical headphone offers audio that falls between 20 hertz and 20-kilohertz resolution. However, some brands offer you a higher resolution, as much as 50 kilohertz. This will probably not matter to you if you do not care about the intricacies of music. But if you would like to appreciate them, perhaps because of music production, you will appreciate headphones with a high resolution.

Consider the Impedance

For better detail from the music, you may consider a higher impedance. Anything north of 25 ohms will do, but you need a device that is just as powerful because these headphones are more advanced and sensitive than the average option.

Wired or Wireless Variations

The presence of a wire can also determine how you enjoy using your headphones. If you will be using them everywhere, you might consider a wireless pair. Or an option that has an audio jack that can be detached. Some brands offer you the best of both worlds. In contrast, corded headphones will be excellent for a better gaming experience. It will also be great for any activity that does not require you to move around too often.

Choose the Extra Features

Now, let us talk about the extra features! This is probably the best part, even though bells and whistles may not necessarily mean you are buying quality or longevity. The features you want to really look out for include longer battery life, especially if you are going for wireless headphones, superb sound quality, this is a no-brainer, and strong chassis. The ear design or ear cups will also determine if you have fond memories of your headphones.

The Best Vintage Style Headphones

Without further ado, let us consider the best vintage style headphones for your pocket and finances:

1. Koss Porta Pro On-Ear Headphones

This wired pair delivers excellent sound, comfort, and portability at a pocket-friendly price. It is lightweight and offers your ears comfort, making it suitable for personal use. You can listen to your favorite songs all day, and your ears will barely feel the pressure. Advanced technology, or a better choice of materials by the manufacturers, ensure that you enjoy a broad frequency response with enhanced bass performance. What’s more, the Koss PortaPro has a frequency response that ranges between 15 to 25,000 hertz and a very high impedance of 60 ohms. The ears are collapsible and multi-pivoting, and the cord is four feet long.


  • 101 dB SPL sensitivity
  • Superb bass quality
  • Excellent ear design


  • Lacks volume control buttons

2. JVC Blue Flat and Colorful Headphones

Vintage style headphones are useful for a range of activities. The best part – they work for every occasion.  The corded headphones from JVC are a great purchase that your finances will barely notice, and when you use them with care, they will last a long time. The battery life is reasonable, and the unit can be folded into a compact size, making it easy for transportation. The ear pads are also comfortable enough, and the chassis of the headphones are attractive for the target audience – teens. Glossy and available in various colors, you can rely on the affordable design for streaming music or a better gaming experience. And yes, the cord is long enough and does not tangle.


  • Soft and comfortable ear pads
  • Striking design
  • Superb noise cancellation feature


  • Somewhat fragile

3. Sony ZX Series

Whether you want to take a long flight or bus trip, the Sony ZX Series headphones are a great company. They will help you stream your all-time favorites in the actual frequency response, which is between 12 to 22,000 Hz. The best part is that these headphones are foldable, so carrying them around when you don’t want music will not be a hassle. What’s more, the cord is 1.2 m long, and it offers you a tangle-free experience. You will especially love the cushioned ear pads because they mean you can stream songs or play games all day long, and your ears will not hurt. These Sony ZX headphones have a long-lasting battery and will produce the best sounds for your game, music production, or even a casual listen. For an amplified streaming experience, we recommend this unit. The deep bass is all too enhanced, despite its affordable price. It is available in three colors; black, pink, and white.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Super affordable
  • Delivers excellent frequency response


  • Lacks noise cancellation


Despite being wired, the Sony ZX110 over-ear headphones are a must-have for music mixing, gaming, or causal music streaming. The length of the cord is just enough to create the necessary connection without being in the way. And it will not tangle, so none of that untangling session right before use. Additionally, you can fold the extra-comfy ears for easier transportation. You also get a full frequency response and quality audio.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Additional bass
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Corded


Besides being among the best vintage style headphones on the market, Marshall Major IV ensures you don’t have to break your bank to enjoy good music. The impressive battery life is one reason you should make this purchase, that is, if the lack of wires does not already leave your mind blown. Upon achieving a full charge, you can use the Major Marshall headphones for at least seventy hours. It has a charging pad that you don’t have to carry around, but wireless charging is a huge bonus. In essence, you will love these dynamic headphones and the sound quality they offer. The removable audio cord and impressive performance in frequency response are other features that make every penny worth spending. 


  • Headphone jack included
  • Strong battery life
  • Quality bass


  • Somewhat pricey


As you may have guessed it, we saved the best for last. Our all-time favorite vintage headphones are the Major Marshall headphones which can be connected to gaming devices or a record player. They also make excellent mixing headphones. The most affordable vintage style headphones have been explored in this article. You will no doubt enjoy your experience with any one you choose from our list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did they have headphones in the 90s? 

The history of headphones dates as far back as the early 1900s. By the 90s, technology had already taken the concept of music to another level, providing us with wireless and wired headphones at fair prices. 

2. Are vintage headphones worth the price?

Yes, when used well, you will enjoy your headphones for a long time. And they are not often pricey, so double win!

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