How to Wear Headphones to stop them falling out

We can all agree that there are numerous types of headphones available on the market. However, since I’ve started to listen to the music to them, I changed dozens of them.

I was wondering what was the reason for that because in some cases, I have purchased some of the best headphones under $500 and they still wore off after a while.

The problem was in wearing.

For example, when I had the wired headphones, I didn’t know how to store them, how to wear them to reduce the possibility of breakage. Therefore, I concluded that it is essential to wear headphones the right way so that you can enjoy their longevity.

On the other hand, the main problem with earbuds was the constant slippage. I start to jog or to walk faster, and I always have to return them to the ears. That process is quite frustrating. That is the main reason why I decided to write about how to wear headphones.

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On-Ear and Over-Ear Headphones

The first thing that you should do is to plug headphones into the audio device that you have. It doesn’t matter if you use a laptop, iPod, Smartphone or any other device, because all of them contain audio input where you should place the jack of your wired headphones.

However, most people aggressively try to put the jack inside the audio input, which is the main cause of wire breakage. Therefore, you should do it easily, and if it doesn’t fit, then the headphones are not compatible with the device you’re using.

In case that you have a Bluetooth or wireless headphones, make sure that you turn on the Bluetooth on the device and pair it with the headphones. Also, make sure that your device has the right version of Bluetooth that matches the headphones because, on the contrary, you won’t be able to pair them.

After that, you should check on-ear cups for L and R labels. Most headphones and manufacturers will specify which ear cup goes to the right ear and which one goes to the left. If you cannot find it, look around for those marking because they mean Right and Left.

In case that you find those markings, you have to follow the instructions. If there are no markings, you can wear them without thinking which ear cup goes in which ear.

For the best comfort, you should slip headphones over your head. The band that connects cups should be over the top of your head. Have in mind that most headphone bands are adjustable, so in case you haven’t found the comfortable fit, you have to adjust it per your preferences.

Place them over your ears, and adjust them so that you can enjoy an additional comfort. You should have in mind that over-ear headphones that feature large cushions will create a sealing effect over your ears, which will reduce the ambient noise. The best solution when it comes to over-ear headphones is Sennheiser.

In-Ear Headphones

Before you decide to purchase in-ear headphones, you should have in mind that they look similar to earbuds, but you shouldn’t wear them the same way. Earbuds hang in the crevices of your eras; while in-ear have to enter the ear canals. Have in mind that you shouldn’t push it in to get it in place.

First, you have to pull the left earlobe down and place the tip inside your ear canal. At the same time, tug your left earlobe gently, so that you can widen the ear canal. You can do it by using the index finger to push the tip of the speaker into the ear canal. The same thing goes for the right in-ear headphone.

When you release earlobe, you will create a seal and insert the speaker into the ear canal. After you release the earlobe, the canal will return to its normal size, which means that walls of the ear will surround the speaker. This will create a seal that will reduce outside noise and create good audio. However, if you don’t make a proper seal, you won’t get the same audio effect.

I recommend you to experiment with different tip sizes because ears have different sizes and one size cannot fit all.

Therefore, by choosing high-quality in-ear headphones, you will get various tip sizes so that you can pick the appropriate one for your ear size.

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The first step is similar to any other headphones.

First, you should check R and L labels on them so that you can specify where they go. However, some of them don’t have this particular label, which will allow you to place them in either ear without thinking too much.

It is important to hook the first earbud inside your left ear hole and situate it by hooking it inside. The plastic stem connecting to the wire should be in the same direction as your jawline. However, don’t push it too much inside the ear canal; it should hang in the outer part of your ear fold.

Do the same thing with the right ear hole, and repeat the action by situating the bud over your ear hole. The main problem with earbuds is that they will frequently fall out of the ears, especially if you are jogging or having an exercise.

In case that this happened to you, I recommend you to find a wide array of accessories that will help you keep the buds in the place.

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As you can see from everything that I have mentioned above, there are different techniques that you may consider when it comes to wearing headphones properly. Of course, you have to follow your preferences and make it comfortable for yourself.

However, these tips on how to wear different types of headphones will help you create a groundwork for a long time.

Properly wearing headphones is essential for less frustration and greater durability than before. Therefore, you should reread this particular article to understand everything that you have missed in the first read.

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