How to Connect Headphones to TV

We can all agree that sometimes it is essential to know how to connect headphones to TV. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy by yourself in full experience of the latest movie, or you want to help someone sleep next to you by changing the volume from entire apartment only to your ears.

However, there are numerous problems when it comes to connecting headphones with the TV.

For example, when I first bought my new, smart TV, I noticed that it lacked headphone jack. I was like: “Why haven’t I considered this particular feature before I purchased the TV,” but still after thorough research, I found a way to do it efficiently.

Now, I want to show you how to do it and why some headphones won’t work at all with new, modern TV sets.

Wired Connection

In case, that you use a pair of wired headphones that could be problematic because some modern TVs don’t come with headphone jacks. At the same time, you should use headphones that feature long cable so that you can sit close enough to the TV without any additional problem.

There are a few different options on how to wire them on your TV:

Use Adapters

Using adapters requires identifying what kind of audio output your particular TV contains. You will be able to find on the side of your TV some form of audio output connection. Old TVs had standard headphone outputs, which are 3.5mm, which means that you could plug and enjoy all the way.

However, more common solution on different TVs is Left/Right RCA audio outputs that will require an RCA-to-3.5 mm adapter that you should use. It is simple to setup, and you don’t have to spare a small fortune to get it.

On the other hand, latest TVs are tricky because most manufacturers reduced or wholly erased analog outputs in favor of digital optical production. This particular output looks similar to a square-shaped door, which is outlined, in bright red light.

If you want to connect wired headphones, you will need a digital audio-to-analog audio adapter. This will give you the possibility to plug a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it converts the audio output into the correct form so that you can play audio from your digital TV.

You will also need a headphone extension cable that will allow you to stretch up to 50 feet.

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Connect To A Streaming Device

Another option for wired headphone connection is to plug it into the remote control of some streaming device that you use. If you have Nvidia Shield TV or Roku Ultra, you will find the headphone jack on the remote. Amazon’s Fire TV gaming controller also has 3.5mm jack, but you have to purchase gaming bundle for utilization.

External Audio Devices

In case that you have audio receivers or some external speaker, they have an accessible spot where you can plug your wired headphones. This is especially great if you have a full array of source devices such as streaming device or antenna.

Most A/V receivers have a quarter-inch headphone jack, so you have to purchase an adapter, and you will be able to listen to all the way.

Wireless Connection

It is simple to conclude that wireless connection is pretty straightforward and convenient when it comes to smart and latest TVs in your living room.

There are different ways you can do that such as:

Bluetooth Streaming

Most modern TVs have Bluetooth streaming as the standard feature. You have to purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones such as Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset, and you will be able to connect without any additional problem.

In case that your TV does have Bluetooth, you have to set your headphones to pairing mode and follow instructions on the screen to keep it running.

The main disadvantage of this type of connection is the latency. Because you can experience a small lag between headphones and TV. This is not a problem for music streaming, but for watching movies and TV shows it can become frustrating.

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Bluetooth through Set-Top Box

In case that you have streaming video devices such as Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, you will also be able to connect via Bluetooth. Just put your headphones in pairing mode and follow the set-top box instructions on your TV screen so that you can pair it correctly.

However, you will only be able to stream content from the device that you use which is not convenient for other channels and programs you wish to watch.

Find External Bluetooth Adapter

In case that you have a TV, that doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, or if you don’t have set-top box such as Amazon Fire TV, you should consider finding Bluetooth transmitter. That way you can place it inside the USB on your TV, and it will beam the Bluetooth signal.

However, you should choose an adapter that will support the audio output of your TV, and find the headphones that will provide you lack of latency in combination with the adapter. Therefore, you have to research before you choose the proper one.

RF Headphones

Another solution is to choose Radio Frequency headphones that will use base charging station, which you connect to an output device such as TV. Of course, you will have to match the connection types of your TV and base station, but it is still a convenient way to enjoy your TV through headphones.


I have used most of these forms, and from my perspective, every single one works perfectly. Of course, everything depends on your convenience and preferences, but have in mind that you can easily connect headphones with your TV.

You have to follow any one of these steps you will be able to protect people around you from high volume during the nights or mornings. At the same time, it is essential to use the proper headphones because without them you won’t have the top experience.

The combination of high-quality TV and high-quality headphones leads to fantastic experience inside your living room.

It is as simple as that.

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