How to Clean Bose Earbuds: A Comprehensive Guide

With consistent use, Bose earbuds can eventually get dirty. Dust, dirt, and earwax can affect your Bose earbuds’ appearance and listening quality. Bose earbuds should be regularly cleaned to maintain a clean appearance and exceptional listening quality.

Wondering how to clean Bose earbuds? Keep reading to find out.

how to clean bose earbuds

How to Clean Bose Earbuds

In order to clean your Bose earbuds, you may need a few products, including:

  • Q-tips or a cleaning brush

  • Gentle, diluted dish soap

  • Soft cloth for drying

  • Rubbing alcohol (use sparingly)

To clean your Bose earbuds, follow the steps below.

1.  Create a Gentle, Soapy Water Solution

In order to clean your Bose earbuds, you will want a gentle, soapy water solution to clean the earbuds. This can be made by diluting a small amount of dish soap with warm water. Do not use dish soap directly on your Bose earbuds because it could clog or break your earbuds. Instead, create a diluted solution that can be used to safely clean the earbuds.

Do not submerge your Bose earbuds in the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be gently applied to the Bose earbuds using a Q-tip or small cleaning brush.

2. Dip a Q-tip or Cleaning Brush in the Cleaning Solution

It is important to refrain from using too much water or soap on your Bose earbuds, as this could damage or even break the earbuds, given that they are filled with small, fragile technology. Instead, dip a Q-tip or cleaning brush into your cleaning solution, picking up just enough solution to wet the Q-tip or brush.

3. Remove the Eartips from the Bose Earbuds

Remove the small, plastic tips of the Bose earbuds that sit in your ears, which will allow you to effectively clean all parts of the earbuds. Chances are, dirt and debris have made their way inside the eartip, and the speaker’s exterior will need to be cleaned directly.

4. Clean Your Bose Earbuds

Using the Q-tip or cleaning brush, gently dig through all of the ridges and curves of the earbuds to remove any dirt and debris. Carefully clean the eartip and the surface of the earbud itself. When cleaning the speaker, exercise caution to ensure that you aren’t using too much cleaning solution or excessive force that may cause damage to the fragile technology.

While a Q-tip usually works, you may have better luck using a small cleaning brush so the friction of the bristles can help loosen any earwax or dirt that may be lodged in the small ridges of the earbuds.

5. Use a Q-tip to Dry the Bose Earbuds

After you have successfully cleaned the Bose earbuds, you can use a clean, dry Q-tip to remove any excess water from the inner ridges of the earbuds to ensure that they can begin drying properly.

6. Use a Small Amount of Rubbing Alcohol to Disinfect the Earbuds

As an optional step, a small amount of rubbing alcohol can be used to disinfect your Bose earbuds. It is important to refrain from using too much because alcohol can be corrosive and damage the earbuds. As long as you use rubbing alcohol sparingly, a small amount shouldn’t hurt and may help to disinfect your Bose earbuds.

7. Dry the Earbuds With a Soft Cloth

After you have finished cleaning your Bose earbuds, you can complete the process by drying them off with a soft cloth. This will ensure that there is no water or soap left inside your earbuds.

8. Clean the Charging Case

After the Bose earbuds are cleaned, you may want to consider cleaning the charging case before placing the earbuds back in their case. The case can be cleaned using the same gentle solution as the earbuds.

When cleaning the case, make sure water doesn’t seep inside, as this will be more difficult to dry.

9. Place the Earbuds Back in the Charging Case

After both the earbuds and charging case are cleaned, the earbuds can be placed back in the charging case.

Bose Earbuds Troubleshooting

Bose earbuds may occasionally need troubleshooting. While they are known for being a reliable, high-quality product, there are a few issues that some users may encounter. Those issues are as follows:

  • No audio in one ear

  • Poor sound quality

  • No audio from product

If you are facing any of these issues with your Bose earbuds, try one of the following solutions.

Bose Earbuds Troubleshooting: No Audio in One Ear

If sound is missing from one ear of your Bose earbuds, follow these steps:

Resync Your Bose Earbuds With the Charging Case

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth setting on every device within range.

  2. Place Bose earbuds back in the charging case for at least 5 seconds.

  3. Remove the earbuds and use them as normal. If the earbuds were not synced with the case, they should be resynced now.

You should also ensure that your Bose earbuds are charging correctly In order to charge, Bose earbuds must securely attach to the charging pins. Check the charging pins to ensure that they move up and down correctly and that they can securely attach to the earbuds.

You should also verify that the LED light on the earbuds flashes when the earbuds are placed in the case. This means that they are charging correctly.

Sometimes, you may intentionally choose to use just one earbud. When doing so, you must use the right earbud. The right earbud is the “master” earbud and the only one that can be used by itself, and it also contains a microphone for phone calls.

Bose Earbuds Troubleshooting: Poor Sound Quality

If you are experiencing poor sound quality with your Bose earbuds, follow these steps:

Reset Your Bose Earbuds

Occasionally, any technology may require a reset to work properly. Resetting your Bose earbuds clears the memory of any past connected Bluetooth devices.

Disconnect Any Wireless Devices in Your Household

Sometimes, wireless devices, even something as simple as your computer mouse, can release a radio frequency that your Bose earbuds may be picking up. The problem may not even be your earbuds — it could be another household device.

If any radios or other Bluetooth devices are present, consider disconnecting these because the sound could be interfering.

Reset the Settings on Your Connected Device

The settings of your connected device may be affecting the sound quality of your Bose earbuds. If you have adjusted the EQ settings of your Bluetooth device at any point, it may be lowering the sound quality of your earbuds. Try resetting the settings to see if this fixes the sound quality.

Be mindful of how adjusting your earbuds too loud can damage your ears. 

Bose Earbuds Troubleshooting: No Audio From Earbuds

If there is no audio transmitting from your Bose earbuds, there may be a problem with the connectivity of your earbuds. Follow these steps to find the cause and solve the issue.

Reboot Your Connected Device

If you are sure that your Bose earbuds are connected to your device, there may be an issue with the connectivity of the earbuds and your device. Try resetting your connected device to allow the Bluetooth connection to reestablish.

Reconnect Your Bluetooth Device

Try wiping the memory on both your Bose earbuds and your connected device of the previous connection. This can be done by resetting your Bose earbuds and “forgetting” the earbuds on your connected device.

This allows a new Bluetooth connection to be established.

Troubleshooting Bose Earbuds: If Solutions Aren’t Working

If you aren’t having success with the previous troubleshooting steps, your Bose earbuds may be faulty and require replacement or repair. Fortunately, Bose offers replacements and repairs for their products. This guarantees that you will have working Bose earbuds again soon.

Bose Earbuds Operating Instructions

Bose earbuds are simple to set up and operate. In order to set up your Bose earbuds, follow the Bose earbuds operating instructions:

1. Download the Bose app

The Bose app will assist you through the process of setting up your Bose earbuds and offers advanced controls to customize the sound and playing abilities of your earbuds. Before pairing your Bose earbuds with your device, ensure that the Bose app is downloaded.

2. Pair Your Device With Bose Earbuds

Pair your Bose earbuds through the Bluetooth settings on your device. After putting on the Bose earbuds, their Bluetooth signal will be activated and recognized by your device.

3. Use the Bose App to Further Customize Your Bose Earbuds

The Bose app essentially functions as a control app to further customize your Bose earbuds. Through the app, you can adjust the sound quality of your earbuds. You can also connect multiple devices to your Bose app to play music on several devices at a time.

If you wish to use your Bose headphones alongside another Bluetooth device, read our guide on connecting multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

How Do You Clean a Bose Headphone Band?

Cleaning a Bose headphone band is a simple process. Follow the steps below.

1. Create a Gentle Water and Soap Solution

Create a gentle water and soap solution to clean your Bose headphone band. Do not pour water or soup directly on the Bose headphones, as this could cause damage. Do not submerge the Bose headphones in any water or soap.

2. Wet a Soft Cloth With the Cleaning Solution

Use a soft, clean cloth to absorb some of the cleaning solution. This cloth will be used to clean the headphones.

3. Gently Clean the Bose Headphone Band With the Cloth

Using the cloth, gently clean your Bose headphone band. Exercise caution when cleaning near the speakers of the headphones.

Do not remove any components of the headphones, as you risk damaging the headphones. You should be able to clean the headphones without removing any components.

4. Dry off the Bose Headphone Band

After the Bose headphone band is clean, dry it off with a clean, dry cloth. This will ensure that there is no excess water or soap left on the headphones.


Can I Wash Bose Soundsport Earbuds?

Bose Soundsport earbuds are designed to withstand small amounts of moisture, such as sweating. Do not submerge your Bose Soundsport earbuds in any water. They are not designed to be worn while swimming or in the shower, and they should not be submerged in water to be cleaned.

Use water sparingly when cleaning your Bose Soundsport earbuds. A small amount of water on a Q-tip or cloth is sufficient to safely and effectively clean your Bose earbuds.

Do White Bose Headphones Get Dirty?

White Bose headphones may be prone to more visible dirt showing than black headphones, but that is the case with any white product. White Bose headphones may require more frequent cleaning to maintain the appearance, but Bose headphones should be cleaned occasionally anyways to maintain quality and appearance.

Why Do My Earbuds Smell?

If you spend a lot of time wearing your earbuds, especially while exercising or sweating, your earbuds may begin to smell. Sweat and mold can build on your earbuds after consistent use. If your earbuds smell, this is a sign that it is time to clean your earbuds.

If you find that your earbuds frequently smell, read our guide on cleaning headphones to prevent infection.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Bose Earbuds

It is important to clean your Bose earbuds frequently to maintain their quality and performance. If you ever notice any issues with the sound quality or connectivity of your Bose earbuds, your earbuds may simply need to be cleaned to remove any dust or debris that could be affecting the performance quality.

If your Bose earbuds are clean and you are still experiencing performance issues, there are other steps you can take to address and solve the root cause of the problem. Otherwise, Bose offers a repair and replacement program to ensure that you always have a quality and functional product.

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