How Headphones changed the world

You are probably reading this post on your laptop, computer, tablet or smart device and there is a pair of headphones or earbuds on you or within your reach right now.

When you walk into an office space or even a local store, you are amongst dozens of different soundtracks, audiobooks, and videos but you are not aware of this because of the use of headphones. Headphones allow you to have your own private music session without disturbing other people around you. Learn about Best Headphones for Classical Music.

The older generation calls this act an act of anti-socialism, however, we believe that headphones have changed the ways of the world for good.

Are headphones bad for productivity?

Science tells us that headphones are bad for us. It reduces our hearing ability, creates introverts and reduces our ability to communicate to other people. They also say that it slows down our productivity but if headphones are so bad for our productivity, then why do so many people have headphones at work?

70% of people who work in the States are working within a confined space such as a cubical or an office. These workers have a need to create their own space to allow them to focus on their work and be more productive. The only way you can create your space in an office filled with 100 people is the use of headphones.

There is evidence that music relaxes your muscles, reduces your blood pressure and helps with anxiety. All these symptoms force you to concentrate on your body and how much discomfort you are in instead of focusing on your work in a productive and calm manner.

I have a house filled with screaming children and loud televisions and I am able to focus due to the fact that I have my headphones on and I was able to create my own focused space for work.

The negative side of headphones

Headphones have proven to cause hearing loss and cause long-term issues with our ears, however, these issues only happen when you are listening to your music too loud and you are not taking care of your headphones or the hygiene of them.

If you use your headphones at a reasonable volume and you clean headphones on a daily basis, then you will not get the negative side effects of the headphones.

People believe that headphones cause people to become anti-social. We live very stressful lives. We have turned from a world of farming to a world of service and technology and with all the stress we deal with on a daily basis, we need to find somewhere we can run away to.

Going on holiday every weekend is not always an option so the next best thing for us to do is to escape into our music, our videos and the best way we can do this is by placing our headphones on and focus on what is in the moment instead of all the noises and problems around us.

The positive side of headphones

Headphones allow people to focus on the small details. A conductor uses headphones so that he is able to hear every single note of his orchestra and not miss a beat. We get those same benefits when we put on our headphones. We are able to focus on the small details, the ones that make all the difference and without the headphones, we would never be able to pick up on them.

Our jobs demand so much more from us than they did for our parents. It is important that we are able to find a space to focus anywhere. A place that can be in a coffee shop, the office, at home or even on the bus on the way home from work.

We are a generation whereby we are constantly working and need to stay focused. Headphones allow us to stay focused and gives our thoughts and brain a place of privacy.

Headphones have changed the world for the good

We started using them in the wars to communicate with the troops on the ground and now we use them to stay focused, to disappear and to give ourselves some time away from the stressful world we live in. Headphones are our way of feeling productive and yet at the same time, they give us a sense of relief from the world.

It is very important that you use headphones in a safe way to ensure that you do not cause permanent damage and infections.

These two ear muffs that connect to your devices and plays music has changed the world for the good due to the fact that they allow you to stay in your own world that is calm and stress free and at the same time, you are able to be productive in a world that is filled with stress, deadlines, and anxiety.

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