Find My AirPods Case: How to Find Your AirPods Case

Losing the charging case for AirPods is one of the most common problems that AirPod and AirPod Pro users face every year, along with accidentally getting AirPods wet. AirPods, as well as their cases, are small and compact, making them easy to misplace or lose. Additionally, theft of AirPods and AirPod cases is quite common. If you’re asking yourself, “is it possible to find my AirPods case?” follow this guide to see what your options are.

find my airpods case

Find My AirPods Case: What Is the Easiest Way to Find My AirPods Case?

If you’ve left at least one or both of your AirPods in the case, you are in luck. This will make the search for your AirPods much easier. If one or both of your AirPods are in the case, you can use Apple’s “Find My” feature to track the location of your AirPods.

Some people may use only one AirPod at a time because one is louder than the other. While leaving one AirPod in the case may be beneficial during this scenario, there is a solution to one AirPod being louder than the other.

If an AirPod is inside the case, you have a few options to find your lost AirPods case. The first step is to utilize the “Find My” app from your iPhone or other Apple device. On “Find My,” you can see the last location the AirPods were powered on at. If the location of your AirPods is close by, you can use “Find My” to play a sound to help locate the AirPods case.

If you are unable to find your AirPods case using “Find My,” you can activate “lost mode” through the app. This will lock your AirPods so nobody else can use them. If the AirPod case is opened and someone attempts to use them, the location of the AirPods case will be tracked, and you will be notified immediately of their current location.

“Lost mode” will also allow you to add a phone number or contact information to be displayed to anyone who opens the AirPods. If someone finds your AirPods, they will be able to contact you and arrange to return your AirPods case.

If your AirPods have been found by “Find My,” but you suspect that someone has stolen them, exercise caution when attempting to retrieve your AirPods case. AirPods are not worth risking your safety. If you have the location of your stolen AirPods, it is best to contact authorities for assistance.

Unfortunately, if you’ve lost your AirPods case while wearing the pods or at any time when the pods were not in the case, the case will be significantly more difficult to locate. AirPod cases are not equipped with the same technology as AirPods, which incorporate an H1 chip that allows AirPods to be tracked.

Additionally, AirPod charging cases are not equipped with Bluetooth technology, so third-party Bluetooth services cannot be used to track the case.

How to Find Your AirPods Case Without Pods

While it is much more difficult to find your AirPods case without pods, there are a few options you can try.

The “Find My” feature cannot track the AirPods case, but it can show you if it is within a close range. If it is within a close range, the AirPods can detect the case and will show a green light on “Find My.” If the case is not within a close range, it will show a gray light.

If you see a green light, carefully search the area close to you. The AirPod case will not be too far. If you see a gray light, check where the AirPod case was last located.

If these steps do not help you find your AirPod case, you may have to replace the case. Unfortunately, there is not much else that can be done to track an AirPods case. A replacement case can be purchased from Apple, or a third-party case can be purchased for a lower price.

A third-party case is usually not recommended because it may not have the proper voltage to safely and effectively charge your AirPods without destroying the battery life. However, if you wish to save money, third-party cases are available that cost less than buying a new case from Apple.

How to Find My AirPods Case With an Android

If you have an Android device, there are several ways you can find your AirPod case. If you’ve paired your AirPods with your device, they may be traceable in an app similar to “Find My” that many Androids are equipped with. If your Android has a similar feature, you can likely find it by viewing your paired devices in the Bluetooth settings.

Additionally, the Apple “Find My” app can still be used on Android. You can download the app or access “Find My” on a web browser.

It is important to acknowledge that no matter what device you have, an AirPods case can not be actively tracked unless one or both of the AirPods are inside the case because the case lacks trackable technology.

How Do You Ping an AirPod Charging Case?

An AirPod charging case can be pinged to locate the case if it is close by. This can be done by opening the “Find My” app and using the “play sound” feature. If one or both AirPods are not in the charging case, there is no way to ping an AirPod charging case.

The AirPod charging case does not have Bluetooth connectivity, nor are there speakers to play sound from.

If your AirPod charging case has been lost or stolen without the AirPods inside, your best option is to purchase a replacement case. AirPod offers replacement cases for $59-$99 depending on the specific model of AirPods.


Can You Track AirPod Charging Cases?

AirPods charging cases can be tracked through the Apple “Find My” feature, but only within certain parameters. If one or both of your AirPods are inside the charging case, this will make the search for your AirPods significantly easier because any time the case is opened, the location of the AirPods will be updated.

This is also helpful because if you see that the AirPods are close by, you can play a loud sound to help you quickly locate your AirPods. You can also utilize “lost mode” on “Find My” to lock your AirPods so they cannot be used.

However, some have found that “lost mode” can be easily bypassed, and the AirPods can be reset for a new user, so if your AirPods have gone missing, you will want to act quickly.

“Lost mode” will allow you to display a message, phone number, and contact information to whoever attempts to open your AirPods case. Hopefully, your lost AirPods will be found by a good samaritan who is willing to arrange a time to return your AirPods to you.

Can You Track an AirPods Charging Case Without Pods?

If no AirPods are inside the charging case, you will not be able to track the case. Unfortunately, AirPod charging cases are just that: a charger. They are not equipped with the technology that makes them trackable or pairable with Bluetooth technology. It is similar to if you were to lose your phone charger, only at a much more expensive price point.

The only other way to track an AirPods case is to manually add a tracking device.

Given that AirPod charging cases do not come equipped with technology that makes them trackable, consider making your AirPods trackable in other ways to ensure that you can find your case if it becomes lost or stolen.

Small tracking devices have become increasingly popular for people to keep track of their valuable items, such as keys or wallets. Tile is the original and most popular brand of small tracking devices, but Apple has also created their own reputable line of small tracking devices called AirTags that have quickly become a well-renowned competitor to Tile.

These small tracking devices can often adhere to any small surface, ensuring that you will always be able to find the item you have attached it to. By purchasing a Tile or AirTag to add to your AirPods charging case, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can always locate your AirPod charging case at any time. There are even protective AirTag combo cases that keep your AirPods safe and easy to find.

If you’ve already lost your AirPods, this may not help you, but it is worth keeping in mind to prevent losing your replacement charging case.

What Do I Do If I Lost My AirPods Case?

If you have lost your AirPods charging case and there are one or both AirPods inside the case, you can track the exact location of when the AirPods were last opened on the “Find My” app. If the AirPod charging case is nearby, you can play a sound off of the AirPods to discover the exact location of the AirPods.

If there are no AirPods inside the case, the best you can do is look on the “Find My” app to see if the AirPods display a green or gray light. If a green light is displayed, the case is close by and within range. If the light is gray, the AirPod charging case is out of range.

If the AirPod case has no AirPods inside and is out of range, you may be out of luck when it comes to finding your AirPods charging case. If you have already searched thoroughly for your AirPod case, you may have to accept that your case has been lost or stolen.

At this point, your best option is to purchase a replacement case from Apple or a third party. You may consider adding a tracking device to your AirPods charging case to ensure that you can immediately locate them if they ever become lost or stolen.

Final Thoughts: Find My AirPods Case

AirPods are an amazing invention that have taken users by storm in recent years. Gym enthusiasts and people on the go adore the convenient technology offered by Apple. Instead of carrying around headphones that easily tangle or snag on nearby objects, AirPods can be placed in your ear and forgotten about.

Nobody wants to lose their AirPods case, but unfortunately, it is very common. While there are steps that can be followed to find a missing AirPods case, it is much easier to find a missing case if the AirPods are still inside.

If you have lost your AirPods charging case, and there are no pods inside, you may have to accept that the case is gone. Fortunately, you can easily purchase a replacement and take extra measures to avoid losing your AirPods case in the future.

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