6 Best Extra Long Cord Headphones in 2024

Headphones are among some of the gadgets that make life more enjoyable for us. We’ve enjoyed better audio experiences while watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and other activities with headphones. 

There are several brands, models, and designs of headphones on the market today, and they are all aimed at improving our audio experience. A common distinction between headphones today is the wireless and cord headphones.

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Some like headphones with an audio cable, and others prefer wireless devices. We want to look at some of our favourite extra long cord headphones on the market for those who like headphones with cords. We’ll also look at the different features of these headphones. Sit tight, and enjoy the reading.

Best Extra Long Cord Headphones

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone 

The Sony MDR7506 is a great choice for lovers of long cord headphones. This headset is one of Sony’s older models, and it has been around since 2013. The quality of the MDR is almost unrivaled, and it remains one of the best extra long cord headphones.

This headset is designed to maximize durability and provide comfort. The product’s frame is made with copper, one of the toughest materials. There is a low chance of your headphones getting damaged if they fall. 

The copper material used in making this product also contributes to the weight factor. The Sony MDR weighs eight ounces and is very lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. You can conveniently record or produce for hours when wearing the headphones. 

Aside from the lightweight of the MDR7506, other features make it a comfortable fit, like the earcups that fit perfectly over your ears. The earcups are also well-padded, and they provide your ears with maximum comfort. 

The padded earcups have noise isolating properties. You can work in a relatively noisy environment without worrying about external interference. This feature is great if you’re going to use the headphones in a studio or other locations with many background sounds.

The main feature of interest is the audio cord: the MDR7506 comes with a 9.8-foot cord. This headset has one of the longest audio cords on the market, and you can move around freely without having to take off the headset. 

The cord is coiled at the middle and readily stretches out when needed. The coiled nature of the cord also makes it easy to pack, and you don’t have to worry about awkwardly twisting your audio cord.

The cord is undetachable, which reduces the chances of misplacing your cord so you can start using your headset immediately. 

There is also a ⅛ inch stereo UniMatch plug. Most handheld devices have ⅛ inch audio jacks, allowing you to use this headset with your phone. 

For those with more studio needs, the headphones come with an extra ¼ inch plug. The ¼ inch plug is perfect for your microphones, soundcards, and other studio equipment.

The MDR7506 produces clean, clear, and well-balanced sounds in terms of sound quality. The product comes with Neodynamic magnets that amplify sound to the fullest and 40mm drivers that give off strong bass. With the MDR7506, you’ll have an amazing sound experience on whatever device you use.

This headset is capable of reproducing frequencies between 10Hz and 20KHz. 

It’s designed for easy packing too. It has large diaphragms that can fold in, and the cord is also elastic and easy to pack. It even comes with a carrying bag for portable transportation. 


  • A ¼ inch adaptor is included.
  • It doesn’t require charging.
  • The drivers give good sound quality.
  • MDR7506 is easy to use.
  • They are professional-grade headphones.


  • It requires a lot of care.
  • The price is a bit high.

The Sony MDR7506 offers some cool features, and it is a professional-level headphone.

2. Avantree HF039 Long Coiled Cord Headphones

The Avantree HF039 is a highly affordable option that offers you features for a more personal experience when watching TV or listening to music. The headphone is designed to increase comfort and produce great sound quality. 

The HF039 has some features that make it a comfortable fit for anybody. It has an over-the-ear design that features padded, comfortable earcups, and you can wear them for hours.

The product is comfortable irrespective of your head size. The HF039 comes with an adjustable headband, and you can easily adjust it to fit your head. 

Besides the padded earcups and the adjustable headbands, this product is designed to be lightweight. At only 5.5 ounces, you can wear the HF039 for a long time without feeling anything on your head. 

While mentioning comfort and convenience, this product comes with a 16.4 feet coiled cord. The cord allows you to sit at a reasonable distance from your TV  without worrying about the glare. You can also connect the headset to your phone and listen to music at a good distance without taking it off.

Along the length of the cord, there is a clip close to the top. The clip is there to help you fasten the cord to your shirt. You don’t have to worry about your cord slipping out of the audio jack or getting tangled. 

Another interesting feature is the ease of operation this product provides. The headset cord has a volume control close to the tips of your finger, and you don’t have to get up or pick up the remote when you want to adjust the volume.

The sound quality is another feature to be noted. The headset is designed with 40mm drivers, and you will get a clear stereo sound quality. Watching movies with these headphones gives you the feeling of being in the movie. 

This device has a 3.5mm plug, but it can also work for other jacks if you can get an adaptor. 


  • There is a safety clip on the cord.
  • You can control the volume from the headphones.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • It is affordable.
  • The cord is very long.
  • Adjustable headband.


  • It requires a lot of processes to work with a TV.
  • It is not very durable.

The Avantree HF039 is an affordable choice with good performance. If you want something with a longer cord, you should consider this product.

3. Kensington (K33137) Hi-Fi Headphones 

Kensington K33137 is another super cheap option, and the performance is alright for its low price tag. This model is very old as it was released in 2004, but it will still get the job done. It is not as sophisticated as some other models, but it will be a great gift for your kids.

The first and obvious feature of this product is wired connectivity. The K33137 comes with a 9-foot, undetachable cord so you don’t have to worry about your kids misplacing the cord.

The K33137 also comes with a gold-plated plug. The gold-plated plug is very durable and more resistant to oxidation. The gold plug doesn’t affect the sound quality and you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

Comfort is another selling point for this product. The headset is designed to fit comfortably over your ear with padded earcups. The padding is very soft and gentle on the external ear. The headband is also padded, and you don’t feel pressure on your head after wearing the device for a long time. 

The sound quality is also optimal, and it has a nice bass production. The K33137 is fitted with strong 40mm drivers, and the headphones give you a stereo effect.

The Kensington K33137 weighs 1 ounce and has dimensions of 6.5 x 6.1 x 2.3 inches. Although it is larger and slightly heavier than some other brands, it’s still lightweight and comfortable for extended use. 


  • It’s very cheap.
  • Suitable for little kids.
  • Good sound production.


  • Lacks sophistication.
  • Low durability

The K33137 is good for kids and school children and is cheap and designed for classroom learning.

4. C G CHANGEEK Extra Long Cord Headphones 

Next up, we have the C G CHANGEEK headphones, and this headset comes with an extra-long cord. Compared to the other models we’ve looked at, the CHANGEEK has the longest cord.

The long cord is not the only desirable feature of this headset. CHANGEEK has invested a lot into making this product very comfortable. The headband is well-padded to relieve pressure around your head while wearing the headset for extended periods.

The CHANGEEK headphone also has an over-the-ear wearing method, with padded earcups. The earcups are laced with soft, comfortable foam, and you can wear them for long without feeling any discomfort on your outer ear.

Also, the thick padding of the earcups serves as an insulator, and they prevent unwanted background noise from spilling into your audio output. With this headset, you can watch movies, listen to music, etc., without disturbance. 

This headset is relatively lightweight, and it weighs 11.7 ounces. You can carry it around without feeling like a burden, and it comes with a carrying case for this purpose. Furthermore, the earcups are foldable, and you can fold your headset into a more compact unit.  

You can also adjust certain parts of the CHANGEEK headphones to make for a more comfortable fit. The elbows are rotational, and you can turn them until the earcups are well over your ears. You can also adjust the headband for a more comfortable fit.

With the 4.8ft coiled cord, you can connect to and watch your TV from a safe distance. The length of the cord gives you more freedom, and you remain mobile without having to remove the headphones. And you can stretch the cord to a maximum length of 18ft. 

There is a control button on the cord that allows you to adjust the volume or mute the audio without touching your phone. There is also a safety clip attached to the cord which allows you to secure the cord further so you don’t have to worry about disconnecting from the headset.

At the end of the cord, there is a 3.5m plug. The headphones can work with any device as long as they have a 3.5mm audio jack. You can use them for your TV, PC, MP3, cellphones, and other things. If your device doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, you will need to get an adapter separately. 

Regarding the sound quality, the CHANGEEK headset has balanced sound output. It has two 40mm NdFeB speakers that give a clear and immersive sound experience. However, the bass isn’t very loud, so it may not be the best choice for bass lovers. 


  • It’s a universal headset.
  • Great gift for the elderly.
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • You can’t make calls.
  • Incompatible with some TVs.
  • Weak bass.

The CHANGEEK Extra Long Cord Headphones will allow you to have a great watching experience at a safe distance. However, the bass production is not the best. This headset is a great choice for older people.

5. JVC Over-the-ear Comfortable Stereo Headphones 

We have arrived at the JVC headphones. This version was first made available in 2012. 

With these headphones, you are in for a comfortable experience. The headphones come with a padded headband to maximize comfort around your head. It also has space at the top and doesn’t press down too much on your head. 

The over-the-ear earcups are well-padded and provide you with a comfortable listening experience. You can easily wear this headset all day without feeling the slightest hint of discomfort. 

The headset has a dimension of 10.7 x 8.7 x 4.3 inches, and it weighs 14.4 ounces. We’ve seen smaller and lighter products, but the JVC headphones are generally lightweight and will add little pressure to your head.

The earcups have rotatable hinges, and you can adjust them to fit perfectly over your ears. The headband is adjustable, and this feature makes the headset useable by a wide range of people with different head sizes.

JVC has designed this headset with noise isolation technology which traps noise from your background and prevents it from entering your audio output.

The cord is another desirable feature, and it comes with an 11 feet cord. At the end of the cord, there is a 3.5m or ⅛ inch plug. The plug is also plated with gold to increase its durability and resistance to oxidation. 

This headset comes with an ¼ inch adaptor, and you can connect to a wider range of devices. 

The sound output is commendable, and the headset features 40mm drivers. 

This device is compatible with CMTBX20i, CMT-FX300i, CMT-LX20i, CMTMX500i, CMTMX700Ni, LBT-LCD77Di, LBTZUX9, LBT-ZX66i, LBT-ZX99i, MHC-EC69i, MHCEC709iP, MHCEC909iP, and WHG-SLK1i Hi-Fi. 


  • It’s very comfortable.
  • It has an extra ¼ inch adaptor.
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • It is limited to some devices.

The JVC Over-the-ear headphones provide you with 11 feet worth of cord, allowing you to use your headset at a reasonable distance from your device.

6.Avantree HF049

Finally, we have another Avantree product, the HF049. We have looked at an older model, the HF039, and we can see some obvious improvements in the design of the HF049. The price of this new model is also higher than that of HF039. 

Some of the basic features are still the same as the HF039. It features a 16ft cord coiled at the middle, a 3.5mm aux plug, a clip, and volume control. 

Let’s look at the new upgrades:

Starting with the cord, the HF039 was designed with an undetachable cord. On the other hand, the HF049 comes with a replaceable audio cord, and you can easily get another one if the present one gets damaged.

We can see another difference in the audio cable: the in-line microphone. The in-line microphone makes it possible to receive calls with the headset, and it’s positioned close to your voice range (1.2m from the headset). A microphone is not present in the HF039.

The sound quality is another major improvement. Avantree made this model with 50mm drivers instead of the 40mm drivers we saw in the HF039. The 50mm drivers produce better sound output in high definition. 

Finally, this newer model comes with an adaptor for a 6.5mm audio jack, and you can use it for a wider variety of devices.


  • It has 50mm drivers and better sound quality.
  • It comes with a replaceable cord.
  • You can make calls.
  • It comes with an adaptor.


  • It’s more expensive.

The Avantree HF049 contains several improvements from the HF039, and it’s a great choice if you don’t mind the price.


Headphones with cords seem to be going out of style, and most people would rather go for the wireless brands. We’ve prepared this review for those who want to stick to the more traditional cord headphones. 

We’ve listed six of the best extra-long headphones you can find, and the best in our opinion is the Sony MDR7506. This Sony headset has everything you want, and it can be used in a professional capacity, like editing in a studio environment.

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