Best Headphones for Working Out

Best headphones for working out

Everyone wants bass-pumping jams to power their workout, but it’s difficult to find a pair of headphones that fit comfortably. When you are looking for the headphones for working out, priorities are slightly different to when you’re searching out headphones for just music. Let’s check out what you need to know to buy the best … Read more

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Review

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Review

Stylish, decent but hyped and overpriced headphones. Buy them for the brand, buy them for the style. Essentially, the story of Beats is a story about a brand and how, with a little bit of marketing magic, you can make a billion dollar company out of a 20 dollar worth of “headphones”. Everything started in … Read more

Best Over-Ear Headphones under $500

Once you cross over from the mid-range, say a good pair of $500 headphones, there’s pretty much no limit. Spending around $500 for a pair of good headphones is the happy medium. This level headphones look great, feel like air with zero-fatigue and sound pristine. After spending hours evaluating most models I can reveal the … Read more

Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3: Which Is Better?

jabra elite 75t vs sony wf-1000xm3

In a choice between Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3, which is better? To be honest, comparing these two highly-rated products is no easy feat. The Elite 75t and WF-1000xm3 are premium earbuds catered to listeners who require noise-canceling capabilities and great sound quality. Both are amazing in many aspects and fall within a similar … Read more

Best Headphones For Swimming

Whether you swim for fun or sport, good music can keep you going. It’s a whole lot easier to find headphones for running than it is for swimming because swimming headphones are still fairly new to the market, but if you are looking for the best headphones for swimming then reviews below will answer all … Read more

Jabra Elite 75t vs Active 75t: Which One Is Best?

jabra elite 75t vs active 75t

Can’t choose between the Jabra Elite 75t vs Active 75t? We totally understand. Not only are they in the same price range, but they also offer similar helpful features, like active noise cancelation and long battery life. To help you save time and energy, we made a head-to-head comparison of these highly-rated earbuds. By the … Read more

Yamaha Headphones Review: Is the YH-E700A Any Good?

yamaha headphones review

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones promise a much better listening experience by blocking external noise. However, a common complaint among users is that these headphones tend to produce less natural sound. Yamaha seeks to put an end to this problem by launching the YH-E700A. This headphone claims to deliver top-notch sound quality by cutting the … Read more

Audio Technica ATH M50X Headphones Review

Audio Technica ATH M50X Headphones Review

Solid, but a little bit overhyped headphones. Good enough for any music enthusiast or semi-pro musician. Today we will be reviewing the most popular internet headphones for years – Audio Technica ATH M50X. There are a lot of conflicting stories about them that you can find online – plenty of people love them, plenty of … Read more

Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods Pro: Which One Is Best?

powerbeats pro vs airpods pro

Do you find it tough to choose between Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro? Given that they come from the same manufacturer, it’s not surprising that they have the same quality. Even so, they have strikingly different builds, looks, and features. In May 2019, Apple first released the Powerbeats Pro; not long after came the AirPods … Read more

Sony WH-CH710N Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Sony WH-CH710N noise-canceling headphones review

In a world where Bose reigns as the champion in the active noise-cancelling headphones market, Sony has slowly come out as a worthy adversary. We’ve seen Sony’s flagship headphones, the WH-1000XM3’s go head to head with the Bose’s 700 series, as well as Sennheiser’s Momentum series, now it seems like they’re looking for other ways to tap into the headphones … Read more