Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3: Which Is Better?

In a choice between Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3, which is better?

To be honest, comparing these two highly-rated products is no easy feat.

The Elite 75t and WF-1000xm3 are premium earbuds catered to listeners who require noise-canceling capabilities and great sound quality.

Both are amazing in many aspects and fall within a similar price range.

For this comparison, we’ve taken an extra step to examine their features, design and build, and, of course, their sound qualities.

Direct Comparison

Jabra Elite 75t

Wearing Type: In-ear

Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Noise Control: Active Noise Cancellation

Battery Life:  7.5 hours of listening time, 20 hours reserved power on the charging case

Special Features: Wireless charging, IP55-rated, Voice Assist Enabled, MySound app

Chip: Qualcomm QCC5126

Weight: 5.5g per earbud

Dimension: 21.9 x 19.4 x 16.2 mm (LxWxH)


Wearing Type: In-ear

Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Noise Control: Active Noise Cancellation

Battery Life: 7.5 hours listening time, four hours chat time

Special Features: Quick Attention function, Dual Noise Sensor Technology, six mm driver unit, Adaptive Sound Control, File Compression

Chip: Sony QN1e

Weight: 8.5g per earbud

Dimension:  5.6in x 4.72in x 2.5in (LxWxH)

Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3

There’s no denying that these earbuds are both tough contenders.

So, for this Jabra Elite 75t vs Sony WF-1000xm3 head-to-head comparison, we’re going to take a closer look at the following factors.

  • Design and Fit
  • Noise Control
  • Ease of Use and Function
  • Sound Quality
  • Call Quality
  • Special Features and Battery Life

Then, we will talk about the pros and cons of each product.

Let’s keep going.

1. Design and Fit

Most people prefer earbuds over headphones because of their sleek design and portability.

It is very important to choose an earbud that perfectly fits your ears so that you won’t have to struggle with keeping them in place.

At the same time, you want something comfortable, so you can listen to music or chat with someone for extended periods.

Jabra Elite 75t

One noticeable thing about the Elite 75t is that it’s very small.

This is a good thing if you’re after portability or want earbuds that won’t grab attention.

These earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips and are generally comfortable and secure.

Sony WF-1000xm3

These Sony earbuds have a unique and sophisticated design.

They are pill-shaped and are a bit bigger than the Elite 75t, but aren’t too bulky nonetheless.

They feel snug, secure, and reasonably comfortable.

Plus, they come with a wide selection of non-slip rubber and foam earbud covers.

Because of their pill-shaped design, these earbuds are easily secured by the structure of your ear.

Winner: Jabra Elite 75t

For this category, we give the crown to Jabra earbuds.

They are pretty small, extremely light and portable, and comfortable to wear.

The more rounded shape also makes getting a secure fit so easy. Plus, they look so discreet that it’s easy to match them with your outfits.

2. Noise Control

Currently, the best noise control solution for headphones is active noise cancellation (ANC).

It works by detecting external sound through one or more microphones and eliminating it before the noise reaches your ears.

It’s best to look for earbuds with customizable ANC.

With this technology, you can adjust the level of external sound you’d like to hear on certain occasions and environments.

Jabra Elite 75t

These earbuds feature a four-microphone technology designed to shut external noise.

It isn’t the best in the industry, but it works fairly well.

Aside from the ANC, these earbuds also have this HearThrough option that lets you manage the ambient sound that enters your device.

Sony WF-1000xm3

Sony claims to use one of the most advanced active noise canceling technologies in the WF-1000xm3.

This includes a dual-sensor in each bud, along with an HD QN1 noise-canceling processor that cancels noise across almost all frequencies.

This device also comes with ambient sound control.

As such, you have an option to allow voices or external sounds to be heard when you need to.

Winner: WF-1000xm3

The fact that the active noise cancelation is embedded in the device itself makes the WF-1000xm3 a clear winner in this round.

A dual-sensor system is a clever approach to capturing ambient sound, making these earbuds stand out in terms of noise control.

3. Ease of Use and Function

Ease of use and functionality is a major factor to consider when buying earbuds.

Needless to say, you want something that makes listening, charging, calling, and connecting to other devices fast and easy.

Jabra Elite 75t

The Elite 75t comes with a multifunctional button on either earbud.

You can also activate the Voice Assistant using either Siri or Google Assistant or control your device through the Jabra Sound+ app.

Another helpful feature of the Elite 75 is wireless charging. This device is compatible with Qi-enabled wireless charging pads.

Sony WF-1000xm3

Instead of buttons, the WF-1000XM3 uses touch sensors and light indicators.

You can also operate it through Siri, Google Assist, and Amazon Alexa, as well as via the Sony app.

You can even customize the controls using the app. For example, you can assign alternative options, like Alexa, to each earbud.

Furthermore, these earbuds feature hands-free calling, auto pause and play, and fast charging capability.

Winner: Jabra Elite 75t

While the Sony earbuds are more high-tech, we still prefer the Elite 75t, as it is a lot simpler to use.

Plus, the button controls are less prone to issues like registering inputs incorrectly. That said, they are more reliable.

4. Sound Quality

Another major aspect every buyer should look at is the sound quality.

Our listening preferences vary, but we must choose an audio device that offers crisp, clear, and neutral sound.

Jabra Elite 75t

The Jabra Elite 75t has a less-than-average bass accuracy, with overemphasis across the low- to mid-bass ranges.

That said, it produces intense thump and punch, which might be overwhelming to some listeners.

However, when it comes to mids and treble, it does a pretty good job. Plus, you can customize the sound through the Sound+ app EQ.

Sony WF-1000xm3

This earbud has a fairly neutral sound profile.

The bass is a little bit underemphasized, so some mixes will lack some thump and rumble.

It also delivers amazing mid and treble ranges, which means you will hear vocals and instruments in a more detailed and precise manner.

Even more impressive is its almost flat frequency response consistency.

To fully appreciate the sound quality of these earbuds, they have to fit perfectly in your ears.

Winner: Sony WF-1000xm3

The Sony earbuds take the win.

While it lacks some punch in the lower-end range, it produces a neutral sound perfect for different types of audio content.

5. Call Quality

Earbuds give you the convenience of making and receiving calls without using your phones.

When assessing call quality, it pays to look at certain factors, like the earbuds’ microphones and noise control features.

Jabra Elite 75t

The Elite 75t has an average voice call quality.

Since this latest version is a lot smaller, its microphone stem has also decreased.

Somehow, this affected how well these earbuds process sound signals.

Luckily, the ANC works by cutting some ambient sound.

Overall, the recording quality of the Elite 75t is considerably less muffled than previous models.

Sony WF-1000xm3

The Sony WF-1000xm3 is adequate for phone calls.

Any voice heard from this device sounds reasonably natural but might be perceived as thin.

Winner: Sony WF-1000xm3

These earbuds from Sony do a great job in terms of call quality.

Because it has good sound qualities and ANC capabilities, chatting with someone through this device is a lot more fun.

6. Special Features and Battery Life

When it comes to earbuds, some extra features are nice to have.

They make your listening experience much better and let you get the most out of your investment.

Battery life is a big concern for most people, too, since many of us greatly rely on our devices for work, study, and entertainment.

Jabra Elite 75t

These earbuds give you 7.5 hours of listening time. However, its charging case can provide up to 28 hours of additional power.

What’s more, it also has a fast-charging capability. For instance, you get up to an hour of battery from a 15-minute charge.

You’ll also benefit from its Bluetooth 5.0 powered wireless connection.

Lastly, this device is IP55-rated, which means it is resistant to dust, sweat, and water.

Sony WF-1000xm3

Aside from the features, it’s also worth knowing that these Sony earbuds use a digital sound enhancement system.

This technology retains the audio quality of compressed files.

Their battery life is six to hour hours for listening and four to 4.5 hours for calls.

While it a shorter charging time than similar models, the Sony WF-1000xm3 is still considered quick-charging.

A 10-minute charge gives you up to 90 minutes of playtime.

Winner: Jabra Elite 75t

For this round, Jabra wins.

Being able to use your device for longer is a big deal for many people.

It’s also good to know that it’s IP55-rated, which means they are protected from the elements.

Final Recount

Let’s take a quick moment to see which earbuds currently have the lead.

  • Design and Fit: Jabra Elite 75t
  • Noise Control: Sony WF-1000xm3
  • Ease of Use and Function: Jabra Elite 75t
  • Sound Quality: Sony WF-1000xm3
  • Call Quality: Sony WF-1000xm3
  • Special Features and Battery Life: Jabra Elite 75t

It seems like we have a draw—both the Elite 75t and WF-1000xm3 score 3/6.

Will the final result change?

Let’s check out the pros and cons of these two amazing earbuds.

Pros and Cons

The Jabra Elite 75t and the Sony WF-1000xm3 are somewhat similarly performing headphones.

You will immediately notice that they are pretty impressive, especially for their price point.

The Elite 75t is significantly more compact and comfortable and proves longer battery life.

Meanwhile, the WF-1000XM3 has a more neutral sound, which most users may prefer.

Despite having just two microphones per earbud, it also scores higher in call quality.

Here are their pros and cons compared to each other:

Jabra Elite 75t


  • Very compact design
  • Nice-fitting and comfortable
  • Solid build
  • IP55-rated
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy operation
  • Customizable sound via the app


  • ANC needs improvement
  • Call quality is not so good



  • Superb sound and call quality
  • Sturdy build
  • Offers a secure fit
  • Best-in-class noise cancelation
  • EQ adjustment enables musical tweaking


  • Shorter battery life

Final Verdict

For many valid reasons, we choose the Sony WF-1000xm3 as the better deal.

Sound quality is essential to enjoying music and using your earbuds for work and chat time, so we give more weight to the Sony earbuds.

Nonetheless, the Jabra Elite 75t also has remarkable sound quality and does better than many competitors in the same category.

Therefore, whichever product you choose, we’re sure you will be satisfied.

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