How to Clear Recently Played On Spotify: 2024 Guide

how to clear recently played on spotify

Spotify, like many other apps and websites, keeps an eye on your activity while you’re using their platform, and has a section where you can see all of your recently played tracks. This feature can be really useful if you’re looking for a song that you’ve recently listened to. That said, this isn’t something that’s … Read more

Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay on Your Phone in Easy Steps

fix bluetooth audio delay on your phone

Bluetooth headphones have been around since the mid-2000s, but it was not until the early 2010s when they became widely popular. Today, wireless headphones are as ubiquitous as traditional headphones, if not more. Well, it isn’t surprising, given how undeniably convenient they are. Without wires that can restrict your movement or tangle with your other … Read more

How Headphones changed the world

You are probably reading this post on your laptop, computer, tablet or smart device and there is a pair of headphones or earbuds on you or within your reach right now. When you walk into an office space or even a local store, you are amongst dozens of different soundtracks, audiobooks, and videos but you … Read more

Powerbeats Hacks: How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Earbuds

powerbeats hacks

With the Powerbeats earbuds, Apple has invaded the fiercely competitive market for wireless earphones. They combine impressive features such as water resistance, sweat resistance, and long-range optical sensors for a fluid experience. The powerful HI chip allows seamless connection across all Apple devices, maximizes battery life, and increases the range over which you can use … Read more

How Headphones Get Tangled?

How Headphones Get Tangled?

We can all agree that some things in life are certain such as taxes, death, and tangled headphones. It seems like magic; in one moment, you place nicely coiled headphones in the pocket, and in the next minute, it created a weird knot that no one can explain. Why is that happening? I have read … Read more

How Headphones Produce Sound

Every time I went to a huge concert or a festival and heard music from giant loudspeakers, I understand that music is coming out of numerous speakers all around me. However, I tend to overjoyed with the idea to listen to the music intimately and quietly, while others cannot see what I’m listening too. This … Read more