How to clean your Headphones to prevent an ear infection

How to clean your headphones to prevent an ear infection

Ever since iPods, Walkman’s, cell-phones and other technological devices have been invented, headphones have become a big part of our lives. They save us from boredom on the long road trips with the family and keep us busy when we trying not to focus on the pains of leg day. Most people use their headphones … Read more

How headphones damage your ears

How headphones damage your ears

Headphones are a technological accessory most of us cannot live without. We use them whilst we are at the gym, driving or just to block ourselves out from the outside world but the fact of the matter is, we have no idea how much damage they are actually doing to our ear canals and to … Read more

How to Fix Broken Headphones

How to Fix Broken Headphones

We can all agree that sometimes it is frustrating to purchase expensive headphones that will damage after a few months. That is why people are skeptical when purchasing one of the best headphones under $300 and they go for budget-friendly solutions that will provide them less sound quality but less expense in case of damage. … Read more

How to Clean Beats Headphones

Clean Beats Headphone

Headphones have become a staple in our everyday lives. Ever since the Walkman was invented, and with the ever-rising popularity of fitness hashtags, we can’t imagine going about some of our daily routines without our trusty headphones. It gets us in the mood, shuts the outside world out, and leaves us to revel in our … Read more

How to Enable Mono Audio for Airpods

When listening to audio using Airpods, people usually prefer stereo. It’s an option where sound passes through a minimum of two channels. To do this, you’ll have to utilize the power of both your Airpods as it’s the only way to get the complete dual-channel experience. But you know, sometimes we just want to use … Read more

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

It’s not a surprise that everybody is using headphones these days. People love music and this accessory offers an amazing and personalized way to enjoy it. There’s a vast assortment of models with different features, all equipped to be linked to your device. A pair of headphones for your chosen device is typically enough, but … Read more

How To Choose Loudest Headphones

How To Choose Loudest Headphones

I can all agree that buying quiet headphones is frustrating, especially if you enjoy loud music. Sometimes loudness doesn’t mean that you will get headphones that have a high amount of volume, but a significant reduction of outside noise. When you combine these two factors, you will get the possibility to listen to your favourite … Read more

How to Connect Headphones to TV

How to Connect Headphones to TV

We can all agree that sometimes it is essential to know how to connect headphones to TV. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy by yourself in full experience of the latest movie, or you want to help someone sleep next to you by changing the volume from entire apartment only to your ears. … Read more

How to Use Earphones as a Headphone Mic

Earphones have been a longtime staple for audio professionals and amateurs alike. Almost every other studio (and house) has an extra pair just lying around. The same isn’t true for microphones, but considering the current and future trends of remote working, it’s only a matter of time before microphones become just as important as your … Read more

How To Boost Bass on Headphones: The Best Techniques Uncovered

how to boost bass on headphones

Sound is a very personal experience. Some people prefer listening to music in its most natural form, while others like it to be a little more optimized, more like a synth. Then, you’ll also find people who like a combination of both. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find headphones that generate a full range of sound … Read more