Dropped AirPods in Water? Here’s What You Should Do

dropped airpods in water

AirPods are one of the leading earbuds that are currently available on the market. Many people decide to get AirPods, even though they aren’t the cheapest option out there, because AirPods offer outstanding quality and are much more durable than your regular earbuds. So, what happens if you get water in your AirPods? If you’ve … Read more

How to Find Lost AirPods That are Offline in 2023

How to Find Lost AirPods That are Offline in 2022

Apple AirPods Pro features innovative tech that takes audio to the next level. The same thing goes for the AirPods Max, as it’s arguably the best premium headphones on the market today. Sadly, the ergonomic design of these wireless headphones and earpieces makes them relatively easy to misplace. The AirPods Pro wireless earphones are particularly … Read more

Why Does One AirPod Die Faster? All You Need to Know

Why Does One AirPod Die Faster

The launch of the Apple AirPods in 2016 introduced us to some of the latest innovations in the world of sound technology. Even today, Apple AirPods remain some of the best earbuds in the world. If anything, their sound quality has improved. However, increased battery degradation and what seems like a short battery lifespan seem … Read more