Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods Pro: Which One Is Best?

powerbeats pro vs airpods pro

Do you find it tough to choose between Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro? Given that they come from the same manufacturer, it’s not surprising that they have the same quality. Even so, they have strikingly different builds, looks, and features. In May 2019, Apple first released the Powerbeats Pro; not long after came the AirPods … Read more

Sony WH-CH710N Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Sony WH-CH710N noise-canceling headphones review

In a world where Bose reigns as the champion in the active noise-cancelling headphones market, Sony has slowly come out as a worthy adversary. We’ve seen Sony’s flagship headphones, the WH-1000XM3’s go head to head with the Bose’s 700 series, as well as Sennheiser’s Momentum series, now it seems like they’re looking for other ways to tap into the headphones … Read more