This Condition- Find It In You

By Ethan Vale

Published: November 13, 2007

Artist: This Condition
Album: Find It In You
Label: N/A
Overall Score: 4.7/5

RIYL: Saves The Day, Cute Is What We Aim For, Boys Like Girls

It's easy to take any band in music today and say, "Oh, well soandso sounds/is just trying to be like thisandthat." This recent trend of catagorization could just be the karma that causes bands like This Condition to come together and make music. This Condition originates in the already well-known musical haven of Long Island, New York where bands you may have heard of before like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New also find their roots. This Condition keeps the tradition of developing creative, exciting, and explosive pop-punk/punk rock in their music and a great display of such talent is easily available in their debut EP, Find It In You.

Find It In You begins strong with handfulls of energy and fun, poppy hooks that force you out of your seat. This experience can be felt after only ten seconds of the record, but do not be fooled: It will not end until the record is over. The instrumentals mix almost serenely with the singing of lead vocalist, Nate Cyphert, and prove that pop-punk isn't going anywhere as long as this quintet has something to say. All five tracks on the record each display a the strengths of each member of This Condition while blending them all together to form one clean and entertaining sound. Just tracking in around eighteen minutes, This Condition presents you with eighteen straight minutes of pop-punk at it's finest.

Overall, I was very impressed with Find It In You and the musicianship of This Condition. It's been said that 'Anyone can throw together heartfelt lyrics and power chords to create a pop-punk record', but This Conditon clearly proves that pop-punk is a science and that they've cracked the code. With that being said, record companies and music lovers: be on the lookout for the next Long Island legends of This Condition and expect them to be the explosion in the up and coming pop-punk scene.